Created with the NGE, the Legacy quest is more like a giant themepark than quest. It is intended for new players, but can be accessed by veterans also. The quest starts out on Tatooine in Mos Eisley, and eventually takes players to other planets in the galaxy. Rewards for different stages of the quest include XP, credits, and misc. items that cannot be traded. Completion of the entire Legacy Quest will take a character from CL1 to CL40 or higher.

Characters may choose to work in the Legacy quest for either the Rebellion or the Empire. NOTE that this is not factional affiliation, and you do not need to be a member of either side's military to work for them and complete the Legacy. The quests remain the same, though in one or two places the NPC contact will be different, for obvious reasons. Completion of the Legacy through the Naboo quests (the original end to the Legacy) means that players will be awarded one of the following medals:

The stats on the medals are identical, and require no factional affiliation to be worn.

Completion of the Corellian quests through Lt. Jaspers rewards the player with the following:

The Legacy proper ends once the player recovers and drops off the four droid modules to their contact (Rebel or Imperial). A series of missions on Corellia have been added after the Legacy to allow the player to continue the adventure. Captain Panaka of the RSF contacts the player immediately after completion of the Legacy to begin these quests.

For new players, this quest series starts automatically after leaving Tansarii Point Station. As soon as they land in Mos Eisley, Solo will send a message by commlink, beginning the questline with a set of missions to acquire a landspeeder.

Starting at level 16, players who have had enough of the Legacy Quest can select and complete missions from the Combat Mission Terminals.

Veteran players must travel to Mos Eisley and speak with 2 different NPC's to begin the questline:

  • If the character has completed the pre-NGE, post-CU New Character tutorial, he or she may speak to Trehla Keelo (3484, -4808) and select the option to "Get back to work". Trehla Keelo will then direct the character to Vourk ver'Zremp (3520, -4821), who will offer Bad for Good.
  • Alternatively, players can just talk directly to the green male Twi'lek NPC named Vourk ver'Zremp (3520, -4821), who will start them on Bad for Good.

Although not required, veteran players can also talk directly to the NPC's Entha Kandela (3512, -4783), Peawp R'dawc (3468, -4672), or Purvis Arrison (3510, -4765) and take the tutoring quests that they give out.

Tatooine QuestsEdit

Naboo QuestsEdit

Corellia QuestsEdit

HINT: there are some Legacy quest legs that can be directly jumped to without previous accomplishments.

/way corellia -69 -4634 Lt. Jasper (CL 30 Coronet);
/way corellia -283 -4695 Lt. Joth (CL 33 Coronet);
/way corellia -5009 -2467 Sinis (CL 35 Tyrena);

Talus QuestsEdit

HINT: there are some Legacy quest legs that can be directly jumped to without previous accomplishments.

/way corellia -6358 357 Agent Jornel Savas (CL 50 Tyrena);

Rori QuestsEdit

Post-legacy Edit