You there! This isn't a place to be milling around unless you're a pilot, friend.

-- Laetin A'shera

Laetin is the first pilot you'll talk to in Tansarii Station in your quest to rid the station of the Black Sun pirates.

Missions Edit

Searching for Black Sun Edit

You have been instructed to search for Black Sun hiding among a fleet of mining vessels.

Laetin A'shera is concerned that a Black Sun spy has found its way into a fleet of incoming mining ships. It is hard to identify and must be investigated by a pilot. I was recruited for the cause. It's good to be in open space again and the scenery of Ord Mantell has always been soothing. I'll be patrolling until the fleet arrives. Soon, we'll find out if Laetin was right.

  • First objective: follow the waypoints
  • Second objective: identify and disable the miner, then dock with it
  • Third objective: destroy the attack ships
  • Fourth objective: dock with the Car'das agent to transmit the information
  • Enemy opposition: 3 Black Sun Assassins in Light Fighters
  • Reward: 500 credits, 400 XP

Escorting the Dynath Miner back to the station Edit

  • First objective: Escort Dynah Miner
  • Second objective: Destroy Black Sun Assassins
  • Third objective:
  • Enemy opposition: Black Sun Assassins
  • Reward: 1000 credits, 400 XP

Warning the allies Edit

The Dynathians need to be warned about the increased aggression of the Black Sun.

  • First objective: dock with the Dynathians
  • Second objective: dock with the agent to free you of the Black Envy virus
  • Enemy opposition:
  • Reward: 1300 credits, 400 XP

Assassinating the Assassin Edit

Talonbane Cobra is an assassin for the Black Sun. You are to try and draw him out.

It is of Laetin's suspicious that if I travel to the Lurid Aurora Nebula, I'll be able to draw out the infamous Talonbane Cobra. The Black Sun...they can sense me even before I leave the Tansarii Point Station. In the vast blackness of Ord Mantell, I am a glimmering beacon. I'll be glad to get rid of the Black Envy virus as soon as this mission is over.

  • First objective: destroy 4 Black Sun fighters
  • Second objective: destroy the Talonbane Cobra
  • Enemy opposition:
  • Reward: 1500 credits, 400 XP
  • Comment:
  • The combat is inside a nebula, so you don't have a high-end computer I suggest you try to lure the ships outside or you're dead meat, because the nebula can slow the frame rate A LOT.
  • Players may be tasked with defeating a single attack fighter as a secondary objective. For some reason, this fighter triggers the journey home quest, ending 'Assassinating the Assassin' while at the same time still informing the player that they have yet to kill Talonbane Cobra. Return home and hand in the quest as normal.
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