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L337 Edit

Elite or very skilled

L337 d00d Edit

Considered by some to be the lowest form of game player. Usually a "d00d" who is obsessed with being "L337" or "uber", often with unreasonable expectations. L337 d00ds may also be prone to making outrageous boasts and proclamations of how great they believe they are, usually in TXT MSG slang mixed with hacker terms. Example: "Ph34r Mhe! I R Uber! I Pwn joo!" Generally a "L337 d00d" is neither elite nor uber, but the title has nothing to do with their skill or past feats.

Lava Bath Edit

Reference to killing a character on Mustafar on purpose via lava damage so that they will clone back in the Mensix Mining Facility. Since the release of NGE removed item decay from death, this has become a common event as there is are no major ill-effects. The objective is to save the time that it would take normally to travel across the world map, thus spawning your character instantly at the only available starport on the planet.

LD Edit

Line-Dead (or Link-Dead). This means that a player has either lost his connection to Star Wars Galaxies or has disconnected. When a player disconnects intentionally their character will disappear shortly after the (LD) tag appears. If they lost connection the character will remain for a longer time and the player will often try to reconnect.

Lewt Edit

Slang for "Loot".

LFG Edit

Looking for Group.

LLC Edit

Light Lightning Cannon. A rifle used by Bounty Hunters that shoots electricity.

LOL Edit

A slang term meaning "Laughing Out Loud". Said whena humorous joke, or comment is made.

Location Edit

A location in SWG consists of three numbers that express a position relative to the center of the current zone. They are the distance in meters east, above, and north of center (west, below, and south if negative). Many times the height will be left out and only east and north shown. For example, a position in Mos Eisley might be (3480, 5, -4806) or (3480, -4806) for short.

Loot Edit

LOS Edit

Line of Sight In ranged combat you must be able to see your target in order to attack. This is determined by checking to see that no obstacles exist in a line between you and the target.


Star Wars Galaxies Server.

LTB Edit

Looking to Buy. Normally found on the SWG Trade Forums.

LTS Edit

Looking to Sell. Normally found on the SWG Trade Forums.

LTT Edit

Looking to Trade. Normally found on the SWG Trade Forums.

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