Kritus Morven


Kritus Morven

Kritus Morven is found in the basement of a medium house in Keren, Naboo. He's a local businessman as he says..

/way naboo 1613 2503 Kritus Morven;

Even though he's taking jobs from Borvo the Hutt, he sure wouldn't mind to take over his criminal empire.

Borvo's Courier Edit

Level: 1
Reward: 50 credits

Borvo's got a job for Kritus, you're asked to check what the deal is.
Find your contact around 2 km from Keren and talk to him. He'll give you a Shady Business Deal. Bring it back to Kritus.

The Spice Refineries Edit

Level: 21
Reward: 100 credits

Naboo Security forces are investigating on Borvo's illegal activities in the spice market. Kritus knows the location of one of his refineries and gives you a Security Tip-Off that you need to bring to a security officer. Dispatch the occasional CL21 Borvo's thugs before giving him the datadisc, then get back to Kritus.

The mole Edit

Level: 27
Reward: 150 credits

The boomerang is coming right back at Kritus. Indeed, the Naboo Security Forces are now about to raid Kritus' spice refinery. Bring the Bank Codes that Kritus gives you to a contact on the inside, Dagrus Rhine. He'll slow the investigations down. Find Dagrus outside of the town, and eliminate the CL27 security officers wandering around while you're at it. Get back to Kritus with the good news.

Kidnap Borvo's Researcher Edit

Level: 21
Reward: 200 credits

Borvo is working on something and Kritus wants to know what. Find the researcher, get rid of his escort made of two CL21 thugs and talk to the brain guy. Return to Kritus.

The Virus Sample Edit

Level: 21
Reward: 250 credits

It was Bioweaponry! Borvo has been working on a virus that increases aggression for offworld buyers. You're asked to intercept Dekker, his courier, and the virus sample he's carrying. Dekker will attack you on sight, take him down (CL 21) and return back to Kritus.

You may want to leave town for a while. Borvo may not be too happy with you right now.

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