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The Graveyard is an eerie valley scattered with the skeletons of the mighty Tatooine predators: the Krayt Dragons. Huge skeletons fill the valley and fresh corpses frequently are found as it is rumoured that Krayts come to this place to die, a sort of a ritual for all Krayts.

Not many people have travelled into the Graveyard and lived to tell the tale.

In SWG the Graveyard stretches for over one thousand meters. It is a point of interest and it is not uncommon to find Krayts in there.

Location: (7450 4531)

  • "Location: Krayt Dragon Graveyard" get it at /way 7396 4478
  • "Ancient Krayt Dragon Hunter" get it by killing an ancient Krayt

Type: static spawn of different types of Krayts ranging from LvL 80 to 90
Special Features:

The Quest for the scyth scematic takes place in the krayt graveyard

Publish 0.124057: The static spawning Krayts at the end of the Krayt Graveyard valley will automatically retreat when they are lured more then 250m away from the original spawn point. They cannot be harmed when they +retreat+ and will almost regenerate to full health.

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