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Kole is one of Nym's most trusted lieutenants. He's involved in the Nym's Themepark quest and can be seen by Nym's side in Nym's Palace on Lok (/way 473 4770) and in the Narmle hotel on Rori.

Star Wars LoreEdit

Kole was a male Chadra-Fan who was part of Nym's Lok Revenants, and served as the Feeorin's co-pilot and first mate onboard his ship, Havoc.

Kole was known to be a master of disguise, and had, according to Nym, at one time successfully impersonated a Republic Senator. During a trade onboard her space station, mercenary Vana Sage double-crossed Nym and his crew, and a fight broke out. Nym, Kole and Jinkins were captured, with the latter two sent in an escape pod to the surface of Maramere, while Nym was incarcerated onboard Stockade. However, thanks to Kole's infiltration expertise, the two were able to disguise themselves as professional torturers, and gained access to Nym's cell, whereupon he escaped from custody.

Kole remained with Nym in the years to come, aiding him during his battle with Sol Sixxa and the Mere, and later rescued members of his crew from Spacestation 1138, piloting the frigate Liberator in the midst of a fierce battle. During the Galactic Civil War, when Nym assumed control of Lok, Kole served as his chief lieutenant.

Source: Wookieepedia

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