Kkowir Forest planetary map

Northwest of Kachirho lies the Kkowir Forest, a diseased and dying area of the Kashyyyk wilderness infected by the wild Sayormi and their dark energies. As the forest slowly succumbs to darkness, the stalwart people of Kerritamba Village fight to protect the land their ancestors cultivated and lived on for generations. Chief Kerritamba and Warchief Naloriss spend every day developing strategies to stop the encroaching Dead Forest, restore the Great Tree, and drive back the Sayormi horde before their village is overrun completely.

To the north of the forest lies the entrance to the Myyydril Caverns, home to the exiled Myyydril Tribe and the insane doctor Treun Lorn. Another band of Kerritamba outcasts live in the ShadowWeave Caverns underneath the waterfall to the northeast.

Vehicles may not be ridden in Kkowir Forest. Mounts are the only form of transportation allowed.

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