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Anakin's friend from Episode 1: The Phantom Menace is having some problems with some locals. Do a couple of his missions to receive a podracing helmet with Anakin's name on it.

Location: Kitster is standing in the slave quarters area in south west Mos Espa, Tatooine at -2887, 2494.

Species: Human

Mission 1[]


  • 1500 credits
  • Old Podracer Helmet - A worn helmet with a pair of dirty goggles attached to it. The tag inside it says "Anakin Skywalker"

Conversation with Kitster Banai[]

Kitster Banai: I've been trying to help Tatooine's slaves get better treatment. This offends a slaver named Drik Bandrik. He framed me for stealing a droid from some Jawas. Turns out these Jawas are violent. They're after me for revenge. Can you stop them?  If you do I'll give you some souvenirs I have...
PC: What kind of souvenirs?
Kitster Banai: Years ago I had a friend -- a slave, like I was -- who later left Tatooine and became a great Jedi Knight. He died in the Clone Wars. I own some nice mementos from his podracing days. He won the Boonta Eve Classic! Interested in helping me?
PC: I'll take care of those little thieves!
Kitster Banai: That's great, friend. These Jawas follow a leader called Wittin. They're not like other Jawas -- they're mean. Be careful. And thanks!

Kister has been trying to help Tatooine slaves get better treatment. This offended a slaver named Drik Bandrik who has framed Kister for stealing a droid from some violent jawas. Head to (-2882 941) and kill the target Jawa and the 3 Jawas defending him (all CL16).

Once you have killed them return to Kitster.

Conversation with Kitster Banai[]

Kitster Banai: That's great news, friend. Drik Bandrik has been busy framing me for other crimes, though, so check back. Meanwhile, here's a souvenir helmet worn by my friend when he won the Grand Arena podraces. Thanks!

Mission 2[]


  • 1800 credits

Conversation with Kitster Banai[]

Kitster Banai: Bandrik has planted evidence with Jabba the Hutt that frames me for trying to lead a slave revolt at Jabba's palace a few years ago. The revolt failed, but Jabba's still angry. He's sent a Rodian henchman to get me. Can you stop the assassin?
PC: What is the evidence that frames you for the failed slave revolt?
Kitster Banai: Once I made a speech about slave treatment in the Mos Espa slave market. Drik found a holo of my speech and had a data slicer copy it into the slave quarters at Jabba's palace. Looks like I'm inciting his slaves. But I've never even been to Jabba's palace! Can you help me?
PC: Don't worry, Kitster, I'll save you.
Kitster Banai: Thanks! The Rodian's named Deeng. He's notorious around here as a thug who would kill his own mother. I think he did, actually. Be careful.

Kill the rodian, Deeng then return to Kitster.

Conversation with Kitster Banai[]

Kitster Banai: That's a relief. But I need to get Drik Bandrik off my tail before this gets any worse. Worse than Jabba! I can't even think of that. Thanks!

Mission 3[]


  • 1500 credits
  • Droid Brain

Conversation with Kitster Banai[]

Kitster Banai: That slaver Drik Bandrik has framed me again -- this time for killing a moisture farmer. I was nowhere near the murder, and I can prove it. But this local vigilante leader, on Drik's payroll, is leading a mob to lynch me. Please stop them so I can clear my name!
PC: What's the proof you didn't kill the moisture farmer?
Kitster Banai: "While I was supposedly killing this farmer, I was in fact rotting in an Imperial jail cell -- arrested for ""political agitation,"" meaning slave rights. They let me go because I was harmless. But I have the arrest record. If you believe me, will you help me clear my name?"
PC: I'll stop them with whatever force is necessary!  Never fear, friend.
Kitster Banai: Thank you! There's six or eight of them, I think -- local moisture farmers led by a big thug named Sont Toipo. If you stop Toipo, the rest will probably run off. I hope. Try not to hurt them, they're just farmers.

Kill the aqualish, Sont Toipo then return to Kitster.

Conversation with Kitster Banai[]

Kitster Banai: You've saved me again, friend! I have a souvenir for you, a droid brain rebuilt by my old friend. He was a real genius mechanic -- once he rebuilt an entire protocol droid. Wonder what he did with that droid?

Mission 4[]


  • 2300 credits

Conversation with Kitster Banai[]

Kitster Banai: Remember that Bandrik accused me of killing a moisture farmer? Turns out the farmer's not dead. Bandrik paid her to leave town long enough for the lynch mob to do its happy work. I found the farmer. Will you bring her here to me?
PC: Who is the farmer?
Kitster Banai: "The supposed ""victim"" is a woman named Krin Vel. She's been my friend forever. She helped buy me my freedom. I'd never kill her. Will you bring her here safely?"
PC: Sure, sounds easy enough.
Kitster Banai: That's good. I'll wait here for you. But don't be surprised if Drik sends his thugs to kill you both. He's got a lot riding on this now.

Speak with Krin Vel don't kill them, then return to Kitster.

Conversation with Kitster Banai[]

Kitster Banai: Thank you! Krin and I will see to it that Drik Bandrik goes to prison for this -- or worse. Hmm, I may need your services again though.

Mission 5[]


  • 2500 credits

Conversation with Kitster Banai[]

Kitster Banai: With the help of my friend Krin, I've assembled evidence that will clear me of all Drik Bandrik's fake charges. I thought of sending it to the police -- but I have a much more clever idea. Will you deliver this disk to my slicer friend, Thermal Det?
PC: What's your clever idea?
Kitster Banai: I don't want to give it away -- but police and the Empire have no reason to arrest Drik Bandrik. There's someone else who does, and Thermal Det can send this evidence straight to that someone. Interested?
PC: Oh, I like clever plans!  Sure, I'll do it.
Kitster Banai: Great. Thermal's waiting in the desert, away from Drik's prying spies. If you bring him this datadisc, he'll send it where it will do the most good. Don't worry about Thermal -- he looks weird, but he's a fine fellow.

Follow the waypoint to Thermal Det, give him the evidence then return to Kitster.

Conversation with Kitster Banai[]

Kitster Banai: Great job! Thermal sent proof of Drik Bandrik's fraud straight to Jabba the Hutt. Jabba won't like it that Drik played him like a dejarik piece. I expect Drik will find it healthy to visit another world soon. Thanks for all your invaluable help, I'm in your debt.

Star Wars Lore[]

From the OS Databank.


Kitster was one of Anakin Skywalker's friends before the young Podracing champ left Tatooine for the life of a Jedi. An optimistic human boy about the same age as Anakin, Kitster was part of Anakin's pit team in the fateful Boonta Eve Classic race that saw young Skywalker win his freedom.

Expanded Universe[]

Having not seen his father, smuggler Rakir Banai, in years, Kitster abandoned dreams of rescue and instead hoped to someday become a majordomo for a wealthy Mos Espa estate.

A short time prior to the Boonta Eve Classic, Anakin and Kitster narrowly avoided disaster when the pair discovered a secret cargo of slaves transported to Mos Espa by the unscrupulous Dug, Sebulba. A group of delicate Ghostling children, including Princess Arawynne, were to be sold to Gardulla the Hutt. Anakin, Kitster, and few other friends disguised themselves as Jawas and infiltrated Gardulla's estate, freeing the doomed children.