Game InfoEdit

King Terak is the leader of the Marauders and can be found in the Marauder's Stronghold on Endor. You need to speak to him as part of the Marauder Themepark.

Star Wars LoreEdit

Terak was a vicious and bloodthirsty warlord who was obsessed with obtaining what he called The Power, which he was convinced would allow him to leave Endor and conquer the galaxy. To this end, he ordered the deaths of the Towani family (all save Cindel) in the hopes of stealing their star cruiser's crystal oscillator.

Fortunately for the rest of the galaxy, Terak's strength was not equaled by his intelligence: otherwise he could've simply taken the Towanis' ship. Instead, Terak believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the oscillator by itself was the key to letting him and the other Marauders leave Endor, and he spent quite a while trying to get the thing to work by having his mystic, a Dathomirian Nightsister named Charal, chant over it.

Terak was eventually defeated by the Ewoks and their Human allies, Cindel and Noa Briqualon. When he couldn't have "the Power" of the oscillator, he stole Charal's magic ring that allowed her to transform into animals, and wore it around his neck. In a climactic duel, just before he tried to kill Noa, the Ewok Wicket W. Warrick struck and damaged the ring with a stone. This somehow caused its magic to backfire, turning Terak red and burning him to death.

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