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A peaceful settlement...

Stay alert though...

There's a little town on Lok that will really spice up your PvP battles: Kimogila Town . It's a great place for an open ground running gun battle, but you better be aware of what's happening around you! Located on the edge of town, the hills of this little hamlet serves as a home to ferocious Kimogilas! You'll have to keep your eyes on your opponent and the native lizards if you want to survive!

/way lok -70 2650 Kimogila Town;

The Kimogilas[]

These monstrosities are formidable, boss level creatures, that require effort for even CL 90's to take down.

This is the only place to aquire Giant Dune Kimogila Scales for RIS Armor. However, unlike the Reclusive Gurk King Hide, the drop of the scale is not guaranteed at every kill, but the re-spawn timer is shorter by far.