Kessel blackhole

One of Kessel's many black holes.

The Kessel System is the proving ground for pilots looking to master their professions. Every Enemy NPC ship in this sector is a Tier 5 Pirate, Imperial or Rebel. Kessel is accessed through Deep Space Stations; it is impossible to hyperspace there directly, which prevents low-level pilots from mistakenly finding their way into a war zone they're unprepared for.

This is the system for Master/Ace-Level missions for all Pilot professions. The first involves killing 30 ships in the Kessel space zone, and the second involves killing a Corellian Corvette that will spawn in zone approximately every half hour, make a 45 minute trek across the system, and then hyper out.

Entry Edit

To enter Kessel, talk to the Deep Space station specific to the pilot faction. Waypoints for these space stations are listed as POIs in the datapad in the respective system. The stations for each faction are as follows:

When you die in Kessel or Deep Space, you are immediately transported into the system you came from - At the normal space station not the Deep.

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