The most important trading city on Naboo, Keren is a bustling mercantile hub. Planetary as well as interstellar traders can be found here, amid a wide assortment of (mostly) legal goods and products. Look here to line up business contacts or a good deal.

Keren Starport is also the beginning of one of the static racetracks, which runs throughout the city.

Keren is one of the major GCW areas where you can find constant raids from either Rebels or Imperials. This is often a major place for players to gain some GCW points, so don't think you only be up against AT-STs and Stormtroopers.

City Services[edit | edit source]

Keren, Naboo

Facilities[edit | edit source]

Special NPC's[edit | edit source]

  • Profession Trainer (XXXX, YYYY)
  • Chassis Dealer (1419, 2771)
  • Junk Dealer (1242, 2732), (1774, 2625)

Faction Locations[edit | edit source]

Remove items not found in city.

Quest NPCs[edit | edit source]

/way naboo 1821 2781 Bardo Klinj;
/way naboo 1740 2657 Brennis Doore;
/way naboo 1419 2761 Captain Gavyn Sykes;
/way naboo 1613 2503 Kritus Morven;
/way naboo 2103 2529 Lergo Brazee;
/way naboo 1275 2745 Lt. Vana Sage;

Herald NPCs[edit | edit source]

/way naboo 1574 2822 A commoner (Veermok Cave);
/way naboo 1673 2582 Demitri Firewatcher (Naboo Pirate Bunker);

Invasion[edit | edit source]

Main article: Keren GCW Invasion

With the inclusion of Game Update 15, the city of Keren will be set upon by various forces as a part of the Galactic Civil War. The following waypoints are given to players via the /gcwSkirmishCityHelp command.

Attacking forces will have to report to camps at:

  • /way 1820 2192
  • /way 2131 2766
  • /way 1212 3054

Defending forces can report to the General at:

  • /way 2131 2766
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