Kashyyyk system

Kashyyyk system

Kashyyyk system is a space sector that contains the planet Kashyyyk. It was introduced in the Rage of the Wookiees expansion. Trandoshan slavers and Wookiee freedom fighters are in constant combat and make this a high risk area. The Civilian Protection Guild is working to protect and defend this system. Hostile targets in this area are tiers 2, 3 and 4.

Space stations
Station Allegiance Notes Waypoints
Kashyyyk Space Station Neutral Pilot missions: All squadrons -4000 249 -4998
Imperial Space Station Galactic Empire Battle station: may declare for PvP combat 5200 2000 -6400
Rebel Outpost Rebel Alliance Battle station: may declare for PvP combat 5905 -3019 5471
Trandoshan Space Station Aggressive

Hyperspace routes
Quadrant Destination Inhabitants Hostiles Notes
Quadrant I Neutral Territories Merchants Low traffic Closest to Kashyyyk Space Station (2000 m)
Quadrant II Avatar Platform Trandoshan Fighters, Defense Turrets, Freelance Mercenaries 5-10
Quadrant III Imperial Overseers Base Imperial Crimson Guard, Imperial Ace Patrols 5+
Quadrant IV Rodian Territories Tripp's Security Force, Rodian Protectors 5-10

Points of Interest
POI Inhabitants Hostiles
Alliance Debris Wookiee Resistance Fighters 5-10
Chiss Poacher Base Chiss Poachers, Chiss Poacher Ace 5-10
Gotal Pirate Base Gotal Bandits 5+
Independent Slaver's Base Mercenaries 5+
Sordaan's Rodian Hunter Outpost Rodian Protector Ace 10+
Tripp's Rodian Hunter Outpost Tripp's Security Force 5-10
Tyyyn Nebula Ghrag Mercenaries 3-5

Asteroid survey
Asteroid Count
Methane asteroid 3
Organometallic asteroid 2


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