Karthakk lok


Karthakk system is a space sector that contains the planet Lok. The smuggler Nym controls this area though many other forces in the area would contest his power. The Galactic Empire does not recognize Nym's authority and there are many conflicts in the area. Hostile targets in this area are tiers 2 and 3.

Space stations
Station Allegiance Notes
Lok Space Station Neutral Pilot missions: Tier 2+
Alliance Station I Rebel Alliance Battle station: may declare for PvP combat
Empire Station I Galactic Empire Battle station: may declare for PvP combat
Trade Federation Outpost Neutral Mining station: Asteroid dealers

Hyperspace routes
Quadrant Destination Inhabitants Hostiles Notes
Quadrant I Nym's Hovel Corsairs, Kimogilia Fanatic (Champion) 3-5
Quadrant II Rebellion Blaze Nym's Enforcers 3-5
Quadrant III Lurid Dawn Unknown 3-5 Closest to Lok space station
Quadrant IV Voria's Ember Corsair Raiders, Kimogilia Fanatics 3-5+

Points of Interest
POI Inhabitants Hostiles
Bloodlight Sea Imperials, Mym's Enforcers 5+
The Canyon Corsair Raiders 1-3
Censorious Tempest Alliance, Corsair Behemoth, Imperials, Nym's Forces 10+
Corsairian Crescent Corsairs 5-10
Crimson Talon Blood Razor Cutthroats 5-10
Mercenaries' Ridge Imperials, Mercenaries 3-5
Mid-Point Alliance, Imperials, Nym's Forces 5-10
Solar Phoenix 2 Imperials, Nym's Forces 5+
Spine of Lok Imperials 3-5
Umber Scale Kimogilia Fanatics 3-5
Asteroid survey
Asteroid Count
Obsidian asteroid 3
Organometallic asteroid 2


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