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Short for "Okay".


Short for "Okay".


Barking of a Vir Vur, Durni, Squall and Gnort.


Star Wars Galaxy Server. Unofficial French Players Server.

KD Edit

Knock Down - A state usually used in melee range, it knocks down the opponent temporarily, preventing them from attacking and lowering their defenses slightly.

Knock Down was removed with the NGE.


A SWG east coast server famous for roleplaying. As of May 2008, the server population has dwindled somewhat, but there remains a friendly and committed core of roleplayers who enjoy both combat and social functions.

Kiting Edit

A tactic used by NPC's and players using ranged weapons to keep an enemy at a distance. It is done by using a ranged weapon while moving away from an attacking NPC or enemy player while they chase you.

The NGE removed the targeting system for players, kiting has become more difficult. Yet, NPC's were not effected by this change. Although targeting was brought back, many Npcs have range bugs, allowing them to stricke WAY outside of range. This range bug has gotten extremely bad with ch. 6, but there is a loophole. The range 5m if enough to be just outside a creatures range (4) and have the bug affect you as much by far less (You WILL still get hit, but less frequently).

Krayt Sliced Edit

Reference to an item that has been altered by a Smuggler using the tissues of a Krayt Dragon.

Since the NGE changed the Smuggler profession so that they no longer could alter items, these have become more valuable.

KSE Edit

Kuat Systems Engineering - Best known for producing Boba Fett's ship, Slave I. The Slave I is a KSE Firespray which is craftable and usable by players in game.

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