Junk sale interface

The new "Sellable" or "No-Sell" interface.

Junk buyback interface

The new Buy Back interface.

A Junk Dealer buys some of the items that adventurers loot from fallen enemies or recieve as part of quests; not all junk dealers buy the same things, so you need to check with several to get rid of some items. Some junk dealers have loot kits to make things, but not the components for the kits; if you can loot the whole set of 10 needed components, the kits can make nice furnishings (e.g., a gong or a table).

As of Publish 27, two Junk Dealers have been placed around banks, making them easier to find.

With the April 2010 Bug Bash Update, the Junk Dealer interface gets a few enhancements:

  • Players can toggle junk items no sell and sellable.
  • Players can buy back the last 10 items they have sold previously.
  • Players can examine items before they are sold.
  • Selling items using any of the junk dealers types, including the player city City Recycling Terminals, will put the items in the player's buy back container.

Junk conversation options

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