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The Ruins in the moonlight

These ruins are what is left of the former Dantooine Jedi Enclave. This was where the most famous of the Sith Lords from before Darth Vader's time, Exar Kun, trained the ways of the Force when he was a young Jedi under the guidance of Krevaaki Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas - who by the way established this enclave.

Before the NGE and before Aurilia this POI on Dantooine was an important site for Jedi players, both Light and Dark Jedi to start a quest.

In Game Details Edit


The Great Arch

  • Data-Pad Location: Dantooine (4260 5373)
  • Badge Location: Dantooine (4195 5208).
  • Related NPC: Luthik Uwyr
  • Related NPC: Drakka Judarrl

Star Wars Lore Edit


The Temple in happier times

The Great Jedi Enclave and Temple on Dantooine was established by Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas about 40 years prior to the Mandalorian Wars. Exar Kun was among the students trained there, whose fall Revan would later repeat.

During the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, the building served as a focal point for the local community, housing a landing pad and several shops. Common folk could be found milling around just outside the Enclave walls, where they were safe from Mandalorian raiders and native kath hounds. During this period, Masters Vrook Lamar, Vandar Tokare and Zhar Lestin sat on the Dantooine council, along with Master Dorak, the Chronicler of the Academy.

The Jedi of the Enclave also worked as a local security force, solving kidnappings, murders and family disputes. They did, however, refrain from becoming involved with the Mandalorian raiders, until Revan returned to the academy to retrain in the Jedi ways. Shortly after Revan left Dantooine in search for the Star Forge, the Enclave and the surrounding area was bombarded by the Sith fleet and attacked by their soldiers and Dark jedi. The Enclave was left a wreck, and the concentration of dead Jedi left an 'echo' in the Force. By 3,951 BBY, the ruins of the Enclave had been all but plundered by salvagers, except for the dangerous sublevel swarming with laigreks.

Five years after the Jedi Civil War - after the First Battle of Dantooine - the Jedi Enclave was partially rebuilt when the Jedi Exile encouraged the scattered Jedi to gather at the rebuilt academy, but its new life would be cut short as Kreia murdered these Jedi Masters.

The Enclave remained over centuries, eventually falling to ruin again, but it is unknown whether it ever became a Jedi residence once again - despite the rumored presence of hidden Jedi in its depths. By the Galactic Civil War, the ruins became a legend for the local Dantooinians, who spread tales saying that nobody who entered them ever came out. The Imperials used these rumors to their advantage.

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