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A droid-like item used to survey resources on a planet. You plug in the survey tool of the type of resource you want to survey and then choose your desired planet. It will roam around the planet and will send a mail as soon as it gets a complete resource-list for the planet.

The mail will not contain information about the resources' exact location, stats or concentration. Only the availability will be reported. You will have to look for the best place for your harvester or to sample your resources yourself by using your own survey device.

Although it is called a Survey Droid and looks like a DZ70 Akrayd, it is not a real droid. You won't find it under the droid-section at the Bazaar Terminal. Instead, it is filed under the Item-section. You should consider it as a kind of survey tool, usable on other planets you are not currently on.

It is a consumable droid, which will have a maximum number of usages (e.g. eight times).

This droid was added to the game with Publish 8.

  • Note: This item/droid is not worth the effort of creating it, or the time it takes to find the specific hard to find resources that make it. It takes 15 minutes to bring back any data, and for every droid you build you have to supply it with a mineral Survey tool. It's quicker to have your own ship and travel to each planet and survey to see if a particular material exists on a planet. You can survey all the planets in a galaxy in less than 20 minutes.