An Imperial Recruiter found in Naboo, Theed.

Imperial recruiter is a type of Galactic Empire NPC. Imperial recruiters can be found throughout the galaxy, nearby Imperial Mission Terminals, and inside imperial player Faction Bases.

Imperial recruiter options
Imperial recruiters
Planet City Waypoint Notes
Corellia Bela Vistal /wp 6718 -5809
Dantooine Dantooine Imperial Outpost /wp -4198 -2412
Lok Lok Imperial Outpost /wp -1843 -3069
Naboo Dee'ja Peak /wp 5307 -1584 Near shuttleport
Naboo Theed /wp -4927 4231 South of starport entrance
Rori Restuss /wp 5916 5551 In the Imperial base
Talus Talus Imperial Outpost /wp -2192 2269
Tatooine Bestine /wp -1275 -3594 Outside starport
Tatooine Bestine /wp -1138 -3897 On a hill
Tatooine Mos Eisley /wp 3499 -4752 Inside the structure attached to the Medical Center
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