Prerequisites: Aligned with Empire

Combat Level: 85+

This is the Imperial Theme Park quest series. This contains the waypoints and directions to complete the Imperial Theme Park quests.


Recommended combat levels: 85 and higher

To start the Theme Park head to the Emperor's Retreat at /way 2407 -3945 There you want to talk to Kaja Or'Zee inside the main building doors. (Must be On Duty)

Quest Order:

  1. Imperial Spy
  2. The Spy's Handler
  3. The Force-Sensitive Twi'lek
  4. Find the Missing Imperial Courier
  5. Thwarting the Rebels
  6. Rebel Starships
  7. Downed Imperial Transport
  8. Investigating the Destruction of the Death Star
  9. Informant Meetings
  10. The Emperor and the Queen[3 Parts]
  11. Darth Vader's Inquiries[3 Parts]
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