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Location: /way lok 2965 330 -4524 Dak doesn't hand out favors to just anyone, he's gotta make a living too, so help him make his scheduled delivery and he'll toss in the needed part. Smugglers gotta take care of number one too.

I Want It AllEdit

Quest Category: Nym's Theme Park

Level: 64

Description: Search the area around Mt. Chaolt for rocks containing deposits of raw Cationic Chemical Coagulant and take them to Dax Vox when you have gathered the amount he wants.

You're looking for some randomly generated rocks named 'A Chemical Deposit'. They're easy to find and in the immediate vicinity of the tent, they appear as big, white rocks and have a fairly short respawn timer. Click eight of the items to complete the tasks. Return to Dak for the items you need.

Relieved that Dak is no longer bound by the favor to Nym, you'll need to head back to Nym's Stronghold to find the Mixing Chamber and add the Coagulant to it.


  • 56903 (Quest Combat)
  • Money: 36000 credits

Note: Not Repeatable. Non-Combat.

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