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IAW Edit

In Another Window. Used to tell someone you did not see or receive a tell, chat, or other action because you couldn't see the SWG interface because it was minimized or hidden by another window.

IC Edit

In Character (usually chat)

Icon Edit

Icons are the characters that represent specific careers.

Iconic Edit

Iconic is a marketing term used by SOE or Lucasarts to describe gameplay or careers. It is supposed to denote that players will have adventures and characters that are highly reminisinent of the most memorable stories and people of the movies, IE the adventures of Luke as opposed to the adventures of Owen Lars.

ID Edit

Image Designer, a pre-NGE Profession.

IGN Edit

In Game Name

Imp(s) Edit

Short for Imperials.

Itho Edit

Short for Ithorian

Imp Hill Edit

Refers to a small Imperial outpost just outside Bestine that used to be a popular PvP location. Since Publish 14's changes to TEF, declared players are rarely found in the area.

Incap / Incapped Edit

Incapacitated, a state.


Star Wars Galaxies Server. Located in Europe.


Star Wars Galaxies Server.

Inv Edit

Inventory. A player's inventory stores up to 80 items. A backpack may also be accuired and equipped in order to add another 50 items to a players total capacity. Equipped Items do not count against your inventory(This includes your armor, weapons, and jewelry). You will not be able to unequip items if your inventory is full. Opened with hotkey Ctrl+I.

ISD Edit

Imperial Star Destroyer

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