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Structure: Hospital/Medical Center
Number of lots required: 3
Capacity of structure in items: 300
Operating costs:

  • Maintenance : 50 credits/day

A Hospital is a structure that contains a 2-1B Surgical Droid to cure rez sickness, and a Cybernetic Specialist to add/remove cybernetics.

Hospitals can be found in almost every static city. On advanced planets, the Cantina and Hospital may be combined to one structure, a Tavern, which has the benefits of both.

In order to quickly find a Hospital. Bring up the Planetary Map and click on the Medical Center category on the right.

Cybernetic Specialists[]

In order to remove or add cybernetics, it is necessary to visit a Cybernetic Specialist located in Theed, Coronet and Mos Entha hospitals. These hospitals have 2 levels, and the NPC may be found on the second floor. This can be valuable for the unfortunate adventurer who accidentally gets an artificial limb when cloning on an adventure planet.

Player Hospitals[]

Player cities can also have a player Hospital. They can be crafted by a Structures Trader with Structure Expertise IV and may be placed by a Medic who has earned Medic Essentials II. A player Hospital requires 3 available lots, and comes in the following three types.

Medical Center (City Specialization)[]

80K credits weekly; healing in the Medical Center is 10% more effective.