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A Homing Beacon

A 57 Month Player Reward. Since Game Update 10, it is flagged as a Shared No Trade item.

Need to avoid Imperial entanglements at the starport? Have to get home in a hurry? Save time with the homing beacon veteran reward!

Placing the Beacon
The homing beacon allows pilots in the system to land their ships from the space station above their home. Placing the beacon in a house or other building will mark that location as a direct landing spot for any starship.

The homing beacon an item that veterans can place in any structure they own. This item can be placed in a structure like any other piece of furniture or decoration and will automatically set the structure as a landing zone.

Finding Your Way Home
Pilots can only land at their home if they are in the same star system as their structure, by talking to the proper space station. For example, if the pilot is in Naboo space, he or she is unable to land at their home outside of Mos Eisley. He needs to talk to the Tatooine space station to perform his landing.

The homing beacon technology is attuned to the veteran only, so the structure can only serve as a landing spot for the owner of the beacon. Other administrators for the building cannot use the homing beacon to land their starships. Also, only the character who claimed the beacon can use it, the alt characters on the same account won't be able to.

If the pilot is in a POB, he'll make all his passengers land in his house.

Picking up the homing beacon or packing up the house removes the area as a viable landing zone, but it can be placed again to re-enable it.