Holo-pet is a type of hologram used as decorative art. It was first introduced as a chapter gift in Chapter 4: "Armed and Ready for Action!".

Chapter 4 Gift: Holo-pets: Upon logging in during Chapter 4, you will receive a Holo-pet Data Cube and Emitter that can be placed inside your house. When the holo-pet emitter is deployed and a data cube is inserted, a holographic pet will wander a small area in the room. Holo-pet emitters are not tradeable, but data cubes are! Trade them with your friends!
—Chapter 4 Notes, Star Wars Galaxies


There are three varieties of holo-pets, and they are tradeable. There is no known limit to the number of holo pets in a single structure other than the buildings item limit (The holograms themselves do not take up item space).


  • A beast master with one point spent in Incubation sees a new option in the radial menu on an unhatched egg. Select Convert Egg to Holo-Pet to change the egg from a beast to a holo-beast.
  • The holo-pet cannot be changed back into a beast, so take care when converting a beast into a holographic companion.
  • Holo-beast data cubes can be traded and can be used in the Chapter 4 publish gift emitter as well as the new Chapter 11 emitter earned by completing a collection.

Chapter giftsEdit

House pack-up rewardsEdit

SWG New Holo Droids

Holo-Pet droids appearing in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

These Droids are the Window installer droid and the Window cleaner droid from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Holo-Pet EmitterEdit


Holo-Pet Emitter

The Holo-Pet Emitter is used to display a Holo-Pet. To use the emitter, use the radial menu and select an option:

  1. Turn On
  2. Examine
  3. Pick Up
  4. Move
  5. Rotate
  6. Insert Data Cube
  7. Name Pet

To be able to use the emitter, it must be placed inside a player owned structure. Once the emitter is placed, the holo-pet can be added to it, and the emitter turned on either through the radial menu, or by left-clicking it once. To move the emitter, it must be deactivated.

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