Credits for this collection can only be obtained from Hand Sampling for resources on any planet surface. The collection is completed when you have successfully gathered 5/5 of: Mineral, Chemical, Gas, Organic, Water, Geo-Thermal Energy.

Resource Sampling

How to Hand Sample:
Simply survey for a resource that you desire, once completed either press sample on your survey tool or type /sample to begin sampling for the desired resource. The collection begins when you are eventually given a pop-up window with three selections. One selection (third from the top - requires 2000 Action) asks if you would like to obtain a high purity product of the resource you are gathering. First check if you have the Action points required and than choose this selection. This must be done 5 times in order to complete each resource field.

Reward: A small amount of XP and a Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm

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