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Necklace of Heroism
Bracelet of Heroism - Left
Bracelet of Heroism - Right
Ring of Heroism
Band of Heroism

The Aurilian jewelry sets are rewards gained for turning in tokens obtained by completing the Aurilia heroic instances.

There is 1 necklace, 2 bracelets and 2 rings in a set. The set is popular not only due to the fact that the pieces had no-trade removed, but also because of the fact there is no profession restriction on the jewelry pieces; this means both Entertainers and Traders can utilise the sets and benefit from the bonuses offered.

Stat Mods on each piece[]

Required Level to equip: 85

3 Piece Bonus[]

4 Piece Bonus[]

5 Piece Bonus[]

Cumulative Stat Bonuses[]

Cost per Piece[]

Necklace of Heroism[]

Bracelet of Heroism (left)[]

Bracelet of Heroism (right)[]

Ring of Heroism[]

Band of Heroism[]

Total Cost for a Set[]