Recommended combat levels: 30 and higher


  • 10765 Quest XP
  • 10879 Credits
  • Homemade Sweet Cakes (food buff)


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Head to Farmer Pol (185 -4261), he will send you to kill the following:

  • Gravefeather, a carrion spat (CL30 Elite)
  • Enraged Carrion Spats (CL30)

Once you’ve killed them return to Pol to receive the second part. You must travel to a Nedgar Camp (337 -4404):

  • Kill Trae Nedgar (CL31 Elite; Located inside at /way 367 -4412 (15 minute respawn timer)
  • Kill 12 Nedgar Bandits (CL31)

Then, recover the stolen grain for Pol:

/way orange corellia 338 -4395 Outside
/way orange corellia 348 -4405 Outside
/way purple corellia 355 -4411 Inside
/way purple corellia 342 -4419 Inside
/way purple corellia 345 -4402 Inside
/way purple corellia 350 -4399 Inside
/way purple corellia 356 -4397 Inside
/way purple corellia 368 -4422 Inside

Once they’re all dead, and you have all the grain, return to Pol, and then return to Lt. Jasper to complete the Quest.

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