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HAM Edit

Health / Action / Mind - The three bars or pools each character and MOB has that represent their life (Health) and their capability to do abilities (action and mind). When a player or MOB takes damage or does an action, these pools are depleted. When health reaches zero, a player is incapacitated and a MOB is killed. For more in-depth information, read the HAM Display article.

The update on April 2, 2006 (Publish 27.9) removed the Mind bar of the HAM.


Heat/Acid/Cold/Electric - Describes the four sub-values of damage done by many weapons. Are also sub-values of defense for every character.

Jedi color crystals, and many weapons do special Elemental damage based on the type of weapon/color crystal. Red color crystals do Heat, Blue does Cold, Green does Acid, Purple does Electric. Many weapons also do a special Elemental damage, examples are the Nym's Slug-Thrower Carbine, which does Acid elemental damage.

Post-NGE [Publish 29] Each Element does a special effect on the enemy, also known as a Proc effect. Heat now puts a Fire DoT on the enemy, while Cold will root them.

Holocron Edit

  • An item that was formerly used to reveal the professions needed to unlock the FS Slot prior to Publish 10. After that, they were used to regenerate Force power for Jedi. But, as of the NGE, these items currently have no use.
  • Screen name of Raph Koster, one of the original devs of SWG.
  • Name of the In-game help menu reached using Ctrl+H.

Hologram Edit

An old and rare item representing in 3 dimensions an object, a vehicle, a ship, a character. All of them are blue colored. Some are spinning. For particular ones, it seems that the very first ones weren't spinning, but the new ones do spin. They come from Veteran Rewards (Death Star), Quest reward (X-wing), or loot drops (Jellyfish). The CH.4 gift was a holo-pet data cube that spawned a holographic pet when placed in an emitter. These pets used to sell for as much as, if not more, than some of the ACTUAL pets they were modeled after.

Hologrind Edit

An old method of unlocking the FS Slot which involved grinding several professions. The first four profession were revealed via Holocron and the rest were figured out through trial and error. This method of reaching Jedi was replaced with a quest-based system with Publish 10. And, as of the NGE, Jedi is now a starting career/profession.


A hopper is part of a structure or private crafting station used to store resources or products.


Heads Up Display - Your primary interface with chat windows, toolbars and status displays.

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