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Guardian's set is a jedi jewelry set consisting of a necklace, two bracelets, and two rings that provides additional bonuses when worn together. This set may be purchased using Tokens of Heroism from Dageerin (/way 5255 -4149) in Aurilia on Dathomir.

Set info[]

Stat mods
Skill mods
  • Glancing blow increase: 1
  • Action cost reduction: 1
  • Required level to equip: 85
  • Required profession: Jedi
3-piece bonus
  • +25 constitution
  • +1% critical hit reduction
4-piece bonus
  • +50 constitution
  • +3% critical hit reduction
  • +5% action cost Reduction
5-piece bonus
  • +150 constitution
  • +5% critical hit reduction
  • +10 action cost

Gain the "Guardian Strike" attack. This quick and relatively effortless attack causes a great deal of hate increasing the likelihood that the target will ignore others and attack you instead.

Full Set Statistics

  • +2000 health
  • +500 action
  • 15% action cost reduction
  • 5% critical hit reduction
  • 5% glancing blow increase
  • Guardian Strike attack

Set costs[]

Guardian's Necklace
Guardian's Bracelet (left)
Guardian's Bracelet (right)
Guardian's Band
Guardian's Ring
Full Set