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Geonosian 02

Crazed Geonosians

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A Geonosian corridor

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Bottom levels

Bothan spies have intercepted transmissions from an Imperial Officer named Lt. Harmon Vintollo in Kaadara and an undercover Rebel operative in a hotel in Tyrena named Teraeza Furloti. They both speak of a hidden biogenics lab run by the Geonosians. The information was leaked to the holonet so we are able to re-transmit to you here:

"Lately, rumors have been floating around about a secret Geonosian biogenics research lab where the Geonosians were experimenting on creatures, giving them horrible powers. Some creatures were being engineered for use in the Geonosian execution arena. There are even Acklay being twisted for their foul purposes. Other, more sinister creations such as mutated Kwi's and Klikniks with force powers were being developed for use as minions of Sith. This base is quite real and is hidden.

Recent seismic events have compromised the base's integrity, disabling the holo-generators that hid the entrance to the complex. The tremors have also caused minor cave-ins, structural collapses and sporadic power loses resulting in mass chaos throughout the complex.

The base's security system seems to be malfunctioning; the sentry droids have gone berserk, there are toxic leaks in areas and stores of volatile materials that could explode at any moment, large chunks of falling rocks constantly fall from overhead...not to mention the genetically engineered monstrosities roaming the hallways..."

A POI on Yavin IV that has high end difficulty creatures and NPC's. A variety of rare loot can be found only in this content area, many of them components for armor or weapons. An Acklay boss can be reached at the end of the cave, after finding your way through the maze of the cave. Bringing friends along is definitely recommended.

Location: Yavin IV, -6450 -360 Closest Starport is in the Yavin Labor Outpost

  • No badge given for this POI
  • A badge is given for killing the Acklay at the end

Type: dungeon
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