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Level: 43


The datapad held information about a Queen, you are sent to GeneTech Syndicate Labs (13 -3532) outside Dearic to investigate.

Outside the GeneTech Syndicate Labs, Jana T'bayr will give you the quest Adaptive Biology.

Find the Terminal Edit

First order of business is to find the directory terminal at /way 1 -3536 and use it. After reading the information from the terminal, you are given three separate sub-quests to complete:

After completing the three sub-quests, kill the Queen, then infect six eggs in the queen's chamber.

The 6 eggs are at:

/way talus -43 -3432 Egg1;
/way talus -20 -3414 Egg2;
/way talus -31 -3421 Egg3;
/way talus -67 -3409 Egg4;
/way talus -75 -3433 Egg5;
/way talus -47 -3463 Egg6;

Return to CorSec Agent Taarna in Nashal to finish up.

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