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Wookiee Life Day[]

Life Day is back! The towns of Dearic, Wayfar, and Doaba Guerfel have been decorated for the celebration of Wookiee Life Day. Visit the Life Day NPCs to sign up for the festivities! Imperial organizers, called Trandoshan Traders, can be found near the shuttleports; Rebel organizers, Wookiee Freedom Fighters, are near cantinas. Stop by the Life Day tree for gifts, music, and a special quest from Saun Dann! Imperial Life Day vendor will sell Empire Day items and Love Day items. Rebel Life Day vendor will sell Remembrance Day items and Love Day items. Saun Dann will sell GMF and the remaining Love Day items.

Atmospheric Flight Air <-> Ground PvP[]

  • Ship gun damage is now mitigated by the ground character's armor, including increased armor protection from buffs/specials/abilities/expertise. Ship gun damage is Energy based. The combat spam (in verbose mode) when the ground character is hit by ship gun contains the mitigation information.
  • Each missile launcher is now on its own independent cooldown. A ground character with multiple launchers can fire another launcher while the other one is on cooldown. At most 2 launchers can be on cooldown at the same time. Once 2 launchers are on cooldown, you must wait until one of the launcher finishes its cooldown before you can fire another missile. The shared 2–3 seconds warm up time remains.
  • The missile launcher is now on permanent Weapon Overload - Two-And-A-Half (1.85x damage increase).
  • The ship must be moving above a certain speed threshold for the hit on the ground character to count. The speed threshold is approximately the same as a character's normal run speed. If you keep shooting at ground characters while below the speed threshold, you will eventually get a system message reminding you of the errors of your way.
  • Combat spam is now generated when the ship is hit by missile fired by a ground character.

Beast Master[]

  • Added color combination for the Mutant Acklay.


  • Fixed vehicle garage repair issue.
  • Fixed targeting issue.