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Galactic Hunters

Galactic Hunters is the second expansion of Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, released on March 12, 2009. It includes more than 200 new cards, including more than 20 new Loot cards, such as the exclusive Merr-Sonn JT-12 jetpack.

This set focuses on the bounty hunters, introducing classic characters like Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, Zuckuss and 4-LOM with enhanced keyword abilities Target, Shield and Sentry.

The story mode of this set, represented in Scenarios, revolves around a bounty-themed quest arc. Disturbed by the recent successes of Rebel espionage activities within the Corellian system, Darth Vader has lost confidence in the integrity of the Imperial Army. Determined to squash this Rebel activity once and for all, Vader has contracted the most notorious bounty hunters in the galaxy to capture key Rebel officials, a task his own Imperial forces have been unable to accomplish. The efforts of the cunning bounty hunters have been successful, leaving the leadership of the Rebel Alliance in disarray. To ensure the survival of the Rebellion, the captured leaders must be located and freed. The Alliance quickly regroups and deploys a team of less-than-desirable operatives of its own to defeat the bounty hunters and rescue the Rebel leaders.

The Heroic Encounter of this set focuses on a group of spacers trying to defeat Exar Kun and his cult, after Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn sends them to learn about the fate of University of Corellia students, recruited from the Corellia University research outpost on Talus to join the cult on Yavin 4.

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Disturbed by Rebel espionage in the Corellian system, the Emperor has lost confidence in the Imperial Army. Determined to squash this Rebel activity, he has contracted the most notorious bounty hunters to capture Rebel officials. When the cunning bounty hunters succeed, the Rebel Alliance is left in disarray. The captured leaders must be located and freed. The Alliance deploys a team of operatives to defeat the bounty hunters and rescue the Rebel leaders!

Dark Side Campaign: Capturing the Prey[]

Disturbed by the recent successes of Rebel espionage activities within the Corellian system, the Emperor has lost confidence in the integrity of the Imperial Army. Determined to squash this Rebel activity once and for all, the Emperor has contracted the most notorious bounty hunters in the galaxy to capture key Rebel officials, a task his own Imperial forces have been unable to accomplish.

Scenario 1: Hero of Yavin[]

Capture the first of the Emperor's Most Wanted list, a well-placed Alliance officer.

The Emperor's list of Most Wanted officials in the Rebel Alliance includes Wedge Antilles, a well-placed officer in the Alliance High Command. Antilles doesn't often leave the safety of the fleet, so finding a time to attack is difficult. Your Imperial friend arranges a meeting with an information broker who can help.

In a cantina on Tatooine, you approach a dark corner table with a hooded figure. A well-mannered voice asks you to sit down. The mysterious figure claims to have downloaded an itinerary for Antilles.

A metallic hand reaches from the dark and hands you a datapad. As the hood falls away, you see a specialized protocol droid. You realize it's 4-LOM, the bounty hunter.

The datapad has a schedule for Antilles that includes inspecting the Corellian Engineering Company. 'In exchange for this,' continues 4-LOM, 'I collect the bounty on Antilles.' You agree to the droid's terms.

A few days later, you find yourselves in a narrow mountain pass overlooking a CEC starship yard. The landspeeder carrying Antilles approaches right on schedule, and a shot from 4-LOM's concussion rifle cripples it. It lands with a crash, and the passengers quickly disembark.

The two of you emerge from cover, weapons aimed at the Rebels. 'Drop your weapons, Antilles!' you shout. He has several troopers with him, and one has already pulled his blaster. 'I am targeting the armed trooper,' says 4-LOM.

'Bounty hunters,' mutters Antilles. 'We're not going without a fight,' he says, firing from the hip.

You're surprised to find out that the Rebels accompanying Antilles are not green troopers, but a few of his veteran Rogue Squadron pilots. This is not their first firefight. However, your ambush plan provided you with excellent position and surprise was enough to swing the battle in your favor.

Finally, the wounded Rogues throw up their hands in surrender. His pilots can do nothing as you take Antilles into custody. Shortly thereafter, 4-LOM delivers the Rebel officer to Imperial authorities and you can mark another target off your list.

Scenario 2: Smuggler Extraordinaire[]

Pay a visit to a notorious import/export businessman charged with aiding the Rebels.

After helping 4-LOM turn Wedge Antilles over to Imperial authorities, you discuss with him another target on your list. The notorious 'import/export businessman' Talon Karrde is charged with trafficking in information about Imperial troop movements, and selling this to the Alliance.

The droid puts you in touch with the Gand findsman called Zuckuss. He has been observing Karrde and has a plan. It's an inside job, and he welcomes your help.

You will enter Karrde's organization by impersonating an engineer with a stolen datafile. Zuckuss will conceal himself nearby aboard Karrde's starship.

'I have performed a ritual and have foreseen that this stratagem will be successful,' says the uncanny Zuckuss.

You arrange a meeting with Karrde aboard his ship, the modified freighter Wild Karrde. Zuckuss will stowaway in a shipment of starship parts.

With little undercover experience, you are nervous with Karrde. The smuggler looks suspicious as he examines the information on your datapad.

Karrde pushes an alarm button. You can't wait for Zuckuss. 'Alright Karrde, put your hands up!' you yell, as you grab your weapon. 'You're coming with me!'

Behind you, the door slides open and you hear, 'No, he's not.' Karrde laughs when he sees you realize that his guards have arrived. A firefight breaks out, and the vent grid on the wall falls to the floor. Zuckuss leaps out of the shaft and begins firing, and the battle is joined.

In the small confines of Talon Karrde's meeting room, you are able to get the upper hand and deal with his guards effectively. 'Put the blasters down, boys,' says Karrde, raising his hands in surrender. 'I'll give you credit, whoever you are... it was a bold plan, boarding my ship to shoot up my guards. Now, what do you want?'

'We want you, smuggler,' is your answer. Holding your weapon on Karrde, you nod to Zuckuss. He presses a few buttons on a comlink. 'An Imperial shuttle will be docking with the Wild Karrde shortly. You, me, and Zuckuss will be leaving and you're headed for an Imperial prison.'

Scenario 3: CorSec Operative[]

Use some family leverage to apprehend a Corellian Security Force operative.

Your next bounty is Corran Horn, a highly-placed operative in the Corellian Security Force. CorSec is one of the best intelligence organizations in the galaxy. Horn in particular will be difficult to ambush and even more difficult to deceive.

Arriving early for a meeting with an information broker on Corellia, you find a man wearing Ubese armor talking to your contact. You recognize him as the masked bounty hunter, Boushh. You strike up a conversation with Boushh and decide to pool your resources.

Once you work out the terms, namely that Boushh will collect the bounty on Horn, he's willing to proceed. The Ubese agrees that it will be difficult to use a direct approach in apprehending Corran Horn.

'In certain operations, I've found it useful to leverage the relatives of the target,' offers Boushh. 'I've compared the itineraries and defenses of both men, and I believe that Corran's father, Hal Horn, will be easier to apprehend.'

Even though Corran's father is also a CorSec operative, you capture the older man to hold him in a secure location. 'When CorSec finds out I'm missing, you'll have more trouble than you can handle,' says Hal Horn.

'We're after your son, Corran. You're just the bait.'

The elder man smiles. 'That's the worst trouble of all.' It doesn't take long for Corran to discover his father is missing. The flashing lights of Boushh's perimeter alarms awaken you. 'Arm yourself,' whispers the Ubese.

A shock grenade crashes through the window, and stuns you as CorSec operatives break down the door. 'Put down your weapons!' yells Corran Horn as he bursts into the room.

Taking Corran Horn's father hostage made him more determined. He fights like a man possessed. You were expecting a tough fight, and your preparation has paid off. The battle turns into a standoff, but you have the trump card. 'You can't win,' you say to Corran. 'Stop this now. Surrender, Horn, and we'll release your father.

'Don't do it, son,' says the elder man. 'We knew this might happen someday.'

Corran Horn throws down his blaster, and so his men do the same. He holds his wrists out for you to cuff them. 'Alright, take me instead.' Then he looks you in the eye. 'You're going to pay for this. And pay dearly.'

Scenario 4: Rebel Officer[]

Find an Alliance major so good at his job that he can't get a promotion.

Another Rebel on the list is Coret Bhan, a Zabrak whose career is rising. According to reports, Bhan's field command skills are so valuable that the High Command won't promote him to a desk job. He's been a Major longer than anyone else in the Alliance.

You'll be able to attack Bhan while he's on a mission, but he'll be surrounded by veteran commandos. Your Imperial contacts put you in touch with a bounty hunter who has obtained Bhan's deployment orders from a Rebel courier.

In a warehouse near a mining outpost on Dantooine, you meet with the assassin droid known as IG-88. The dim lighting makes the glowing red optical sensors of the bounty hunter even more dreadful. When IG-88 speaks, his voice is a deep, cold metallic rasp that chills your bones.

'The target will lead a strike-and-fade operation on Dantooine two days from now,' begins the droid. He hands you a datapad with a schedule and map for the attack.

'The target is an Imperial outpost,' you note. 'If you're to collect this bounty, we'd better take him before he gets there.'

'Affirmative,' answers IG-88. 'Failing to include the interests of the client during the hunt can affect the bounty payment.' He takes the datapad and indicates a spot on the route. 'This is the chokepoint for our ambush,' he says.

In the rough terrain surrounding the Imperial outpost, the Rebels must cover the last kilometers on foot. On a hilltop, you and IG-88 lay in wait. As Bhan leads the commandos into a clearing, trip wires set off flechette mines and smoke bombs placed by the assassin droid. The Rebels are confused, so you launch your attack.

The assassin droid has none of the veneer of civilization that 4-LOM displayed. IG-88 is nothing but a mechanical killing machine. The ambush works to perfection, and soon the Rebels are forced to surrender.

Raising his hands, Coret Bhan says to his men, 'Must be something important in that outpost if they hired these assassins to guard it.'

'We're not defending the outpost,' you say as you take Bhan's blaster rifle. 'We're after you. There's a price on your head, you know.'

IG-88 puts binders on the Rebel officer. 'What the bounty knows is not my concern,' croaks his metallic voice. 'Only the payment matters.'

Scenario 5: Jedi Knight[]

Capture the most important remaining target, a powerful Force-sensitive.

Checking in with Imperial authorities, you update your list of Most Wanted. The most important remaining target is one of the last known Jedi Knights. The Jedi are always formidable opponents, and this is proven when you are put in touch with the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett.

Aboard his starship, Slave I, Fett informs you that he has been stalking Rachi Sitra, the Jedi Knight from the Most Wanted list. The bounty hunter never removes his helmet or armor, and his voice is a crackling rasp. 'I've been tracking Sitra's movements for weeks,' he says.

'I have reports of her actions during the battle on Talus,' you say, showing him the briefings you received from Imperial contacts. 'Rachi Sitra is no meditating healer, but an intimidating fighter and a leader of the Jedi.'

'The Jedi are involved with politics,' says Fett. 'That is their weakness.' He flicks on a screen that shows a comm stream. 'This transmission details Sitra's upcoming diplomatic mission to Dathomir.' You could almost swear that he's smiling beneath that helmet.

When Sitra's shuttle jumps into Dathomir space, Slave I is waiting behind an asteroid. Under hard acceleration, the Firespray bursts from cover, and Fett blasts away with heavy blaster cannon. Targeting the hyperdrive of the Jedi starship, the precise shots immobilize it.

Fett docks the two ships and you stand by him when the airlock is forced open. There you see Rachi Sitra, standing to meet you with calm assurance. Without turning to her Jedi bodyguards, she says, 'Get behind me. I'll take care of these bounty hunters.' She spits out the last two words with contempt. Her lightsaber springs to life, Fett fires a rocket from his wrist launcher, and the boarding action begins.

With a precise attack, your weapon knocks away the lightsaber of the Jedi Knight. Bruised and battered, Rachi Sitra staggers back a few steps and stands calmly. 'My guards are defeated, and so am I,' she declares. 'Take me in, bounty hunter, I'm sure I'm worth more credits to you alive.'

As Boba Fett puts a pair of binders on Sitra, he says, 'Yes, you're right, Jedi. And you're worth quite a lot.' To you, he says, 'Let's take her to Imperial authorities.' You have captured the highest bounty on the Emperor's Most Wanted list.

Light Side Campaign: Interrogating the Predators[]

The efforts of the cunning bounty hunters have been successful, leaving the leadership of the Rebel Alliance in disarray. To ensure the survival of the Rebellion, the captured leaders must be located and freed. The Alliance quickly regroups and deploys a team of less than desirable operatives of their own to defeat the bounty hunters and rescue the Rebel leaders!

Scenario 1: Koona t'chuta?[]

Your search for the Rebel leaders begins with a Rodian bounty hunter.

As the saying goes, to find a mercenary, you have to think like one. If you were a bounty hunter looking for work, where would you go? The likely answer is one of the most notorious dives in the galaxy, Chalmun's Cantina in the city of Mos Eisley on Tatooine.

A wide assortment of smugglers and criminals are in attendance, and after greasing the palms of the bartender Wuher with a few credits, you are introduced to the Rodian bounty hunter known as Thuku.

'I'm sure I have some information that will help you. Why don't we sit down here and talk it over?' says Thuku in his whiny voice, offering you a chair. You begin to describe the Emperor's Most Wanted list and the Alliance supporters that have already been captured. The Rodian listens intently, but offers little when you ask him pointed questions. Like all of his species, Thuku is hard to read, and you can't tell if he's listening intently or falling asleep.

After several rounds of drinks, you are looking about the cantina for some other likely candidate to pump for information. Thuku covers his mouth with his hand and barks out a curious noise that might be a cough. As he looks around the room, you realize it's a signal to his associates at nearby tables.

A dozen thugs throughout the room rise to their feet and arm themselves with blasters, vibroknives, and even a few clubs. The commotion is noted by the other patrons, who abruptly stop talking and stare. After a moment, even the band stops playing. Wuher cries out, 'No blasters!' and runs into the cantina. When the fight begins, the poor bartender is right in the middle of the action.

The room erupts into chaos as the thugs attack you from every corner. Screaming patrons exit the cantina in droves, and soon it's just you and Thuku and his associates. As the firefight continues, you begin to pick off his thugs one by one. Seeing things going badly, his cowardly friends desert him, and Thuku puts up his hands in surrender.

You find that without muscle to back him up, the Rodian bounty hunter is much more cooperative. Thuku knows about the Most Wanted list, but he hasn't yet apprehended any of them. No surprise there. That means he has no knowledge of where the prisoners might be held right now. All he has to offer is a rumor that the bounty hunter known as Dengar reportedly scored a big bounty, and he left Tatooine recently for Naboo.

Scenario 2: Payback[]

Travel to Naboo and find the Corellian bounty hunter known as Dengar.

After confirming Thuku's information with some low-lifes at the Mos Eisley spaceport, you travel to Naboo to look for the Corellian bounty hunter nicknamed 'Payback.' From everything you have discovered so far, most of the people that find Dengar end up dead rather quickly.

At Moenia, you receive Alliance reports that include sightings of Dengar near the Imperial outpost at Dee'ja Peak. The Rebels provide you with a landspeeder and a cover story to get you close to the outpost.

You pass by the glorious triple waterfalls, with the natural beauty that draws so many visitors to Naboo. Searching with your electrobinoculars in the fading moonlight, you see Dengar talking with some sneaky-looking individuals on the mountain trail ahead.

Flying up in your landspeeder, you announce, 'Hey, aren't you the famous bounty hunter? We've got a job for you!' Dengar and the others put their hands on their weapons. 'We work for Borvo, he's a first-class employer.'

'Hutt crime lord, eh?' asks Dengar, raising an eyebrow. 'What kind of money are we talking about? I just put away one of the Emperor's Most Wanted.'

'That's just the kind of man we're looking for,' you say, quickly pulling your weapon. 'Now just put up your hands and we'll have a nice little talk.'

With uncanny speed, the Corellian draws his blaster and puts the drop on you before you can do anything. It's a standoff, and Dengar growls, 'Go ahead. Try it. I've got nothing to lose.' His other associates are going for their blasters, and there's no way out of this situation without a firefight.

The Corellian bounty hunter puts up a strong defense, but Dengar's friends are killed and he is eventually overwhelmed and must surrender. He throws down his blaster and puts his hands up. 'Where did you turn in that bounty?' you begin.

'To Imperial authorities at the outpost here,' says Dengar. 'And I was well paid too.' He smiles.

'Where are the captives being held?' you demand.

'I'm just a bounty hunter, what do I know about that?' replies Dengar. 'I have another tip for you, though. The guys I was talking to said they saw Snoova in Dee'ja Peak parading around a bounty in cuffs.'

The Wookiee bounty hunter Snoova has a nasty reputation, almost as bad as Dengar's. 'I'm sure that Snoova will be friendly and helpful,' you comment. 'We'll check that out right after we turn you over to Alliance authorities.'

Scenario 3: Madclaw[]

Enter an Imperial outpost to find the Wookiee bounty hunter known as Snoova.

They call a Wookiee who uses his claws in combat a 'madclaw,' and he is shunned by Kashyyyk society. Snoova carries a death mark for violating Wookiee honor precepts. That's just the beginning of the stories about the famous Wookiee bounty hunter. He's worked for mercenaries and also for the criminal organization known as Black Sun.

If you have to enter Dee'ja Peak to find Snoova, you'll need to continue your cover as smugglers looking for work. The streets are crawling with stormtrooper patrols, so you choose carefully who you ask for information. Along with the many Imperials you find, there are also smugglers, information brokers, and mercenaries. Dodging the Imperials and being careful, it's not hard for you to blend in.

Making your way to the center of the outpost, you are pushed into an alley by a huge Wookiee bounty hunter. 'I heard you're looking for Snoova,' growls the towering mercenary. 'You've found him. I don't like people who ask questions about me,' he adds, flexing his huge claws.

'We're just looking for information,' you begin. 'About the bounty you turned in.'

'You don't know much about bounty hunters, do you?' says Snoova, unslinging his heavy blaster rifle from his shoulder. 'We're not chatty.' Behind the Wookiee, a few Black Sun thugs have shown up. They seem to be Snoova's associates. It's time to give up trying to talk your way out of this situation.

It's a long and vicious firefight. When one of your attacks fells the wounded Wookiee bounty hunter with a massive thud, his Black Sun friends decide it's time to run. Reluctantly, Snoova surrenders. 'I'll tell you what you want to know,' he says with a growl, under his breath.

'Where are the Imperials holding these prisoners?' you ask. 'They must be held at a detention facility somewhere.'

'I turned in my captive to Imperial officers here at Dee'ja Peak,' begins Snoova. 'Wait... I did see another bounty hunter. He said he'd escort the prisoners, but didn't mention the destination.'

'Who was this bounty hunter?' you ask.

'Bossk, the Trandoshan,' replies the Wookiee. 'He must know where they're being held.'

Scenario 4: Devours His Prey[]

Find the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk on Tatooine.

Returning to Moenia, you are debriefed by Alliance intelligence. They provide a datafile on your new quarry Bossk, which identifies his personal starship and includes tracking of his recent movements. You are reminded that in Bossk's language, his name means 'devours his prey.'

The Trandoshan is often seen in Bestine on Tatooine, so you head there. Keeping a low profile and your smuggler identity, you search the cantinas to find information about Bossk. At a landing pad at the starport, you see a YV-666 light freighter that must be the Hound's Tooth, Bossk's starship.

Pushing a repulsorlift stacked with cargo, Bossk approaches the landing ramp of his freighter. You introduce yourselves as working for Borvo the Hutt, and looking for information. The Trandoshan puts down the repulsorlift, but says nothing.

'We understand that you recently turned in a bounty to Imperial authorities, is that correct?' you ask.

'If I tell you, I'll have to kill you,' says Bossk. He puts his hands on his hips, very close to his holstered blasters.

'Borvo sent us to find out.'

'I'll share nothing with lackeys like you,' he replies. Others walk over to stand behind Bossk. They're working for him.

'It's time to send a message to Borvo about how he does business,' begins Bossk. 'I don't like go-betweens.' A chorus of clicks tells you his friends are readying their weapons. Another of your undercover operations ends with a fight.

You've defeated Bossk's thugs and the Trandoshan has no other choice besides surrender. He throws down his blaster and raises his hands. 'Like I said before, all we want is information,' you begin. 'Tell me where the Alliance prisoners are being held.'

Bossk laughs cruelly. 'That's what you want to know? Sure, I'll tell you. You've got no chance of even getting close, much less springing the captives. Besides, I've already been paid, so it's no loss for me.' He describes a rough mountain area just outside of Bestine. It's going to be a tough trek just to get there, and Bossk says it's heavily defended.

'We'll have to make sure you don't alert the Imperial authorities,' you say, pulling out a pair of binders. 'You're going back with us to Mos Eisley to be held for questioning.'

'You've got nothing on me. I'm just a businessman,' growls Bossk.

'Doesn't matter,' you say. 'All I want is for you to be held up for a day or two while we free the prisoners.' Bossk laughs again.

Scenario 5: Mandalorian[]

Battle the best bounty hunter in the galaxy to free the Rebel prisoners.

When you arrive at Mos Eisley, you get in touch with Rebel contacts there, and turn Bossk over for a few hours of questioning. You secure extra ammunition for the prison break attempt and they supply you with body armor and heavy weapons for the assault.

Traveling into the mountain range and following Bossk's directions, you crest a ridge and spy the prison facility in a valley below. It looks to be well defended indeed. Near the main building is a starship landing pad, and you can see a KSE Firespray there.

As you examine the ship with your electrobinoculars, a chill goes down your spine. That ship is Slave I, and that means that the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett, is nearby.

You decide to wait for the few moments of dusk on this planet of two suns, and then make your way down the mountain pass. Careful sniping takes out a few guards, and you're able to sneak into the prison compound. You're heading toward what seems to be the main cell block and turn down a corridor to see Boba Fett, blaster at the ready, blocking your way.

'Looking for someone?' asks Fett. Klaxon horns begin to echo throughout the facility, and red flashing lights illuminate the corridor. Imperial troops pour from every doorway. The whine of blaster fire fills the air, and now it's a fight to the finish to rescue the Alliance prisoners.

Your training and discipline enable you to hold the corridor to defend against the tide of Imperial troopers. The body armor and ammo supplied by your Alliance contacts are also key to your victory. The Mandalorian bounty hunter, however, is nowhere to be seen.

As you sweep the adjacent corridors looking for stragglers, you see a cape disappear around the corner. Running to a window nearby, you see Boba Fett's starship already warmed up for launch, and the bounty hunter running aboard. Soon, Slave I lifts into the night sky and blasts away.

The remaining Imperials surrender the prison to your control. The captives held there are released from their cells, and soon you will be returning them to their friends and families in the Rebel Alliance.

Mad Zoo (promotional scenario)[]

Clear out the menagerie in Doctor Maldien's illegal laboratory.

An officer from CorSec contacts you with a mission. Lieutenant Joth has discovered an illegal laboratory on Corellia. 'We have tracked shipments of smuggled chemicals, tranquilizers, and animal feed to this location.' Joth hands you a datapad that shows surveillance reports that back up his claims.

'The head doctor of this laboratory is named Maldien.' The lieutenant touches a button on the datapad. You see a dossier with a picture of a Mon Calamari. 'Doctor Maldien is using bio-engineering to create monsters at this facility. We don't know why he's doing this or what his plans are for them, but we can't wait to find out. We need you to enter this facility and destroy the creatures.'

Soon, you find yourself breaking into that same laboratory. The downstairs lab is protected by automatic security. You obtain a security code from one of the guards to access one of the researcher's terminals and disable the security system. You also download notes on the experiments from the terminal, which CorSec will find valuable.

Entering the lab, you find the hallway filled with womp rats. Pushing past them, you see the Doctor himself operating a terminal near a huge table with a rancor laying on it. The rancor seems to be subdued or sedated.

Suddenly, the Doctor points and says, 'You! How did you get in here? You have no right to be here!' and then to the room in general, 'Kill them, my pets!' The rancor roars and wakes. Other creatures around the lab move menacingly towards you. You ready your weapon and prepare to finish the mission.

Outcome unavailable

Destroy All Droids (promotional scenario)[]

A mysterious bounty hunter wants you to help the Meatlumps with their droid problem.

While traveling through the starport at Corellia, a messenger hands you a datadisk. Activating its holoprojector, you see the image of a helmeted figure. 'Meet me in the cantina right away.' You are mystified by the anonymous request, but you can't resist checking it out.

Soon, you are meeting in a dark corner of the cantina with the person from the hologram. From a faceless, opaque helmet, a metallic voice says, 'I am Bane Malar.' You hear the whine of an atmosphere compressor. 'I have many enemies, and must conceal my identity, so I apologize for the envirosuit.'

You respect the reputation of this bounty hunter, but your patience is wearing thin. 'What is this about, then?'

'I can sense your questions, as I am able to read your mind,' he begins. 'Let us get down to business. The Meatlumps, a local gang here on Corellia, have a problem.' The compressor whines again, and Malar takes a deep breath inside his helmet. 'A droid lava collector has gone rogue, and a group of droids there are out of control. I want you to accompany me there to destroy them. All of them.'

A few days later, one of the Meatlumps opens a concealed hatch leading to a ladder down into the lower levels of their hideout. Malar is muttering to himself. 'Can't read the droids. Won't know what they're planning. Programming failsafes are gone.'

Only a few small indicator lights break the near-total darkness of the lower level. The noise of many small servo motors means that droids are nearby. Malar snaps on a light, and you see dozens of droids, all swiveling their optical receptors in your direction.

Behind them, on what seems like a throne, is an old and battered lava mining droid from Mustafar. Its eyes are flashing wildly as it begins to scream, 'Intruders! Intruders!' and the droids become agitated. Malar wades into the crowd, firing his slug rifle, and the battle begins.

Outcome unavailable

Empire Day (promotional scenario)[]

Make your way across Theed to the Naboo starport through throngs of celebrating Gungans.

Finishing an important mission in the remote reaches of Naboo, you make your way back to civilization. It's important that you return to base as soon as possible. When you reach the streets of Theed near the starport, you find them blocked by wildly celebrating Gungans. You had completely forgotten that today is Empire Day.

First celebrated on Coruscant, this holiday commemorates the establishment of the Galactic Empire. Since that time, Empire Day has been celebrated on many planets throughout the Empire. The cities on many worlds are virtually shut down by streets filled with revelers, and Naboo is one of those.

Giant holoprojectors show the image of Boss Nass, leader of the Gungans. 'Meesa want yousa to have fun on Naboo for Empire Day!' Every time his voice booms out across the city, there are cheers from the dancing, singing Gungans.

As you try to fight your way through the crowds, 'Happy Empire Day!' is the phrase you hear over and over again. They don't seem to care that you have to get to the starport as soon as possible, and the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

Trying to make your way across town politely is not working. You're going to have to be more determined if you're going to leave Naboo on time. 'Don't start slaughtering them,' you think to yourself. 'Just push them out of the way.'

Outcome unavailable

General Infomation[]

The Galactic Hunters card sets include 10 new bounty hunter based quest cards, 180 bounty hunter based play cards, and over 20 new loot cards for in-game play. You can now play with iconic stars such as Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk and more.

Some of the new loot cards included in the third set are the Armored Bantha, the Zam Wesell (KORO-2) Airspeeder, and more. A complete list of loot can be found {http://starwarsgalaxies.station.sony.com/tradingcardgame/lootcards/gh.vm here] or here. Loot cards are randomlly inserted into Booster packs, although random it is said the the average for insertation of loot cards in the Galactic Hunters expansion is 1 in 5. This has not been confirmed.

The Galactic Hunters Expansion also includes four new starter decks, one each of Jedi, Sith, Imperial, and Rebel.

Another addition to the Trading Card Game (TCG) is two new playable avatar species, Trandoshans and Ithorians. Each includes customizable stats and abilities.

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