Guild InfoEdit

GORF is the Galactic Order Robo-Frog.
GORF was created on the server Flurry January 21, 2006.

Guildhalls: 1

  • Dantooine
    Guildhall: 2289,-7195 (GORF's Lily Pad)
GORF Guildhall

View of GORF's Guildhall

Mission StatementEdit

The goal of GORF is to form a small guild of notoriety,
and a city for members and non-members.

Accepting new members:
No. Currently we are not recruiting new members.

GORF's CityEdit

Planet: Dantooine
Name: GORF's Lily Pad
Location: 2428,-7188 (just south of Pirate's Outpost)
City Rank: Metropolis

Mayor: Afeust Floelfeix
Founded by Afeust Floelfeix on June 22, 2006.
Population: 41
Structures: 171

GORF Lilypad

View of GORF Lilypad's city hall.

Random StuffEdit

PA Name: Galatic Order Robo Frog.
PA Abbreviation: GORF (spells FROG backwards).
PA Mission Statement: to have fun.
Number of members: 10.
Location: Tatooine and Dantooine.
Guild color: Blue.
Guild motto: "Trying is the first step to failure".
Guild bird: The Turkey.
Guild theme song: Banana phone.

Afeust FloelfeixEdit

The leader of GORF is Afeust Floelfeix, Master Entertainer, proclaimed Mascot of Flurry in 2006 (by the Flurry Forum).


Afeust - 2006

Afeust 2010

Afeust - the robo-frog - 2010

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