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Gank Edit

A rather flexible PvP term usually used when a group of players kills a single player. It also indicates an unfair advantage.

Gank Squad Edit

A group of players that gank (Used sarcastically). See Gank.

GBF Edit

Short for Guardian Blaster Fist

GCW Edit

Galactic Civil War - The conflict between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance; also indicating PvP

Geo Edit

Usually referring to something of Geonosian creation. (I.e. a "Geo" Pistol, or Geonosian Sonic Blaster, Geonosian Caves)

Geo Caves Edit

Short hand version for the Geonosian Caves found on Yavin IV.

GLC Edit

Short for Guardian Lightning Cannon

Glowy Edit

  • Prior to the NGE, this was slang for the message a character had attained when they had reached the force sensitivity level high enough to begin the Force sensitive quests.
  • Slang for the ability that Elder Jedi gained with the NGE that allowed them to turn translucent and blue. A.K.A. Blue Glowie.


Star Wars Galaxies Server. Unofficial German players server.

Griefing Edit

The act of making someone else's gameplay experience unenjoyable. Griefing is a highly subjective term and largely depends on the point of view of the victim.

Griefer Edit

A player (or players) whom perform actions with the intent to cause gameplay to be unenjoyable to other players. Also see Griefing.

Grinding Edit

A slang term in regards to leveling up a character that indicates repetitive and boring gameplay.

gTEF Edit

Group Temporary Enemy Flag. Accuired when a member of a group gains a TEF, or an overt member of your group is being attacked by a member of the opposite faction and you join him. With the changes to Faction Settings, GTEF is no longer available.

Guild Edit


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