This quest is one of the Fate of the Galaxy pre-quests.


Recommended combat levels: 75 and higher

This quest begins in the Southern Jedi Ruins on Mustafar.

Fragments of the Past IEdit

Level: 75

Start: Old box /way -1506 190 (inside long building)
Part 1: Walk around until you get a popup that says the splinters are humming.
/way -1500 235
Part 2: Search for Crystal Splinters
/way -1490 253
/tar crystal
Radial 'Gather up Splinters'
Starts Fragments of the Past II
/way -1506 190 Old Box;
/way -1500 235 Hum 1;
/way -1490 253 Crystal Splinters;

Fragments of the Past IIEdit

Level: 75

Part 1: Reunited? - You have to find 4 Shard splinters around Mustafar (in any order). To do this you must get a “humming” popup then a “Splinters awake” task, where you must search the nearby area for a splinter. This is repeated for all 4 splinters. One is on the ground, the others are dropped from enemies
Shard splinter 1:
Humming message /way 2176 3068
Find the splinter on the ground at /wp 2135 3161
(After you get Shard #1, you can head over and do shard 4 , since it's closer than 2 or 3)

Shard splinter 2:
Humming message /way -1447 412
Defeat Xos for splinter (CL88 Jedi) Only (1) spawns at ranom locations nearby wp's
/way -1407 340 Xos1;
/way -1544 383 Xos2;
/way -1463 547 Xos3;
/way -1328 481 Xos4; (most common) 20min-60min respawn (faster with grp, both/+ score on a kill)
---NOTE--- Inquisitorium dark troopers and an Inquisitorium Hunter will kill Xos if you don't act fast enough(i.e., 2 secs)...the queue will be "Inquisitorium Dark Trooper says to Inquisitorium Hunter, "Target acquired my lord."
Shard splinter 3:
Humming message /way 1020 955
Defeat Magmahorn for splinter (CL82 Tulrus) /way 998 1012
Shard splinter 4:
Humming message /way 3344 2880
Defeat Phantoms Bandits in the area around the escape pod until you get the splinter (CL69)

All WPs for easy C6P:

/way 2176 3068 Shard 1 Hum;
/way 2135 3161 Shard 1;
/way -1447 412 Shard 2 Hum;
/way -1407 340 Xos1;
/way -1328 481 Xos2;
/way -1544 383 Xos3;
/way -1463 547 Xos4;
/way 1020 955 Shard 3 Hum;
/way 998 1012 Magmahorn;
/way 3344 2880 Shard 4 Hum;
Part 2: Splinters awake

Starts Fragments of the Past III quest...'

Fragments of the Past IIIEdit

Level: 75 Group

Part 1: Assembling a crystal - Enter the Old Research Facility (normal hc Lock out & is time)
/way 2109 3104
Target the following items within the Facility for their location. /tar "Item Name"
Main Floor:
1) Power Access Terminal “Activate Power” to open the door to the 1B Floor 1B Floor:
2) Storage Chest (2nd Floor)“Open” for Access Key Card (there is nothing in the chest, simply opening it is sufficient to advance the quest)
Note: You may want to collect the weapon collection item in the area of the room near the Storage Chest
3) Door Terminal (2nd Floor)“Use Access Card”
4) Journal Screen (2nd Floor)“Inspect Closely” for Security Code
5) Door Terminal (2nd Floor)“Use Security Code”
6) Security Station (2nd Floor)“Override Security” to open the doors on the 2B Floor 2B Floor:
7) Photon Fusion Welder (3rd Floor)“Start fusion process”

Part 2: Process under way - Wait 10 seconds for the fusion process to finish

Part 3: Finished - Access the Photon Fusion Welder again (“Retrieve crystal”) to get the reward
Locked Area is part of later Quest (Transfer of the AI)
1) Ventilation Terminal (3rd Floor)*By fusion welder (unlocks fusion core walkway)
2) Air System Terminal (3rd Floor)*1st Back room
3) Kill Ancient Torton? (CL85 118k hp)*2nd Back room
4) Loot Crate of Computer Parts? ("Update" Computer Core Control?)
5) AK-Rocket Launcher Collection
6) Return to 1st Floor, Enter unlocked fusion core walkway
7) Kill Ancient Xandank (CL85 125k hp?) *1st Floor Back room
8) Computer Control. This won't work till your at that stage in Quest.
9) Go back to the Fusion Welder to receive your crystal.

- for a detailed Map refer to:

A History Lesson Part IEdit

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