Fort tusken 1
From a personal voice recorder found in a Jawa junk sale:

"We've finally managed to fight off the remaining Sand People from Fort Tusken. As the last one fell, I was overwhelmed with profound pride as the fortress had at last been recovered from the hands of the foul murderers who have soiled its halls for so long. I look forward to sending word to... what's this... another wave of Tusken Raiders has appeared! They seem to fight with renewed vigor and have reinforced their numbers with much more powerful warriors this time. Perhaps my thoughts of victory are far too premature..."

One of the original settlements on Tatooine. Shortly after its founding Fort Tusken was attacked and taken over by Sandpeople giving rise to the name Tusken Raider. To this day the fort is a well known stronghold of the Sandpeople.

This former settlement is now a Sandpeople City. With both upper and lower levels, inside caverns and inside the fort complex itself, Sandpeople (CL30-33), Commoners, Raiders, Snipers, Warlords, and even the Tusken King roam this vast complex.

Location: -4000 6250

Type: dynamic spawn

Battle of Fort Tusken (Pre-NGE)Edit

This is no longer applicable due to the NGE update:

The spawn is dynamic and starts off with low level tuskens like raiders/commoners and the occasional warlord. After one clean sweep the second wave of tuskens spawn with similar types of mobs but in much larger numbers. The third wave of tuskens spawn a smaller number but much stronger types. The fourth spawn has increased numbers of these stronger mobs. The fifth spawn has a smaller number but some of the strongest tusken mobs. Finally the 6th spawn has the "Tusken Champion" and "Tusken Carnage Master" in the two top left most rooms. These are surrounded by masses of elite guards, captains, warlords, death hunters, torture lords. The tunnels also have the same amount of high level mobs.

After you kill the "Tusken Champion" and "Tusken Carnage Master" you get a system message that says "Fort Tusken Complete". The system has a dynamic spawn with a definite end game and you are informed when you have defeated the fort.

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