Box archive This article relates to an element of Star Wars Galaxies prior to the New Game Enhancements. It is no longer accurate and remains for historical purposes only.
Skill tree
Master Force Enhancer
Celerity IVProtection IVResistance IVSynergy IV
Celerity IIIProtection IIIResistance IIISynergy III
Celerity IIProtection IIResistance IISynergy II
Celerity IProtection IResistance ISynergy I
Novice Force Enhancer

Profession Overview Edit

This profession requires 89 skill points to master, XX of which go towards prerequisites.

Discipline Summary Edit

  • Ability enhancing self-buffs (speed, running, resists, Force power counters)
  • Single opponent control through snares, roots, and mezzes
  • Single opponent control through Force pool reduction
  • Damage reduction (regular and Force)
  • DOT and state defenses
  • Self-rejuvenation of Force pool
  • Self-resuscitation

Related Skill Mods Edit

Totals shown at the Master level

Abilities Edit

Name Command FC Description Granted At
Channel Force/channelforce-Grants +500 Force at the cost of your Health, Action, and Mind pools.Synergy II
Drain Force/drainforce-Drains 170-420 Force from a target Jedi.Synergy III
Force Absorb (Improved)/forceabsorb50/100Absorbs some of the energy of Force-based attacks, partially adding their Force cost to your Force pool.Novice Enhancer, Protection IV
Force Armor (Improved)/forcearmor75/150+Expends Force points to mitigate incoming physical damage.Novice Enhancer, Protection IV
Force Feedback (Improved)/forcefeedback?/100Reflects incoming Force damage back at the attacker.Protection I, III
Force Meditate/forcemeditate-Triples Force regeneration rates. Must be done while sitting.Synergy IV
Force Resist Bleeding/forceresistbleeding250Increases your defenses against bleeding attacks.Resistance I
Force Resist Disease/forceresistdisease250Increases your defenses against disease.Resistance II
Force Resist Poison/forceresistpoison250Increases your defenses against poison attacks.Resistance III
Force Resist States/forceresiststates250Increases your defenses against state attacks.Resistance IV
Force Run (Improved, Advanced)/forcerun??Increases your terrain negotiation. Improved versions also increase movement speeds but greatly reduce damage output.Celerity II, IV, Master Enhancer
Force Shield (Improved)/forceshield75/150+Expends Force points to mitigate incoming Force damage.Synergy II, Synergy IV
Force Speed (Improved)/forcespeed150/300Increases your attack speed in combat.Celerity I, III
Force Suppression (Improved)/forcesuppression225Roots your target and deals minor Force damage.Celerity II, IV
Force Wave (Improved)/forcewave150Snares your target and deals minor Force damage.Synergy I, III
Regain Conciousness/regainconciousness??Instantly recovers from death.Master Enhancer
Stasis/stasis275Paralyzes your target, preventing them from taking any action unless damaged.Master Enhancer
Transfer Force/transferforce-Transfers some of your Force to another Jedi.Synergy II

Note: FC = Force Cost when using ability.

Community Information Edit

Jedi Correspondent: Baciacca
Former Correspondents:

  • SonGouki

Jedi Forum:

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