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Cave Entrance

Dantooine has long been a source for the powerful and mysterious force crystals. A recent expedition onto Dantooine is said to have found a large quantity of the crystal within this cave.

Location: /wp dantooine -6221 7396 Force Crystal Hunter's Cave

NPC Combatants Found Here:


Note: Good Collection and Orange/Blue Rug supply drop rate.

Herald NPC: a commoner (/way 1545, 4, -6415)

Conversation with a commoner[]

a commoner: Want to hear a crazy story? This guy last night in the cantina was telling us where there's this group of people running around moving things with their minds. He says there was this cave filled with crystals where all of them live. Crazy, huh? He even told us where it was, too. Interested in going out there to see if this is real or not?
PC: How did he say he found out about the place?
a commoner: Okay, here's the full story. He says he's a medic, right? He gets this call from some weird guy who says his brother needs help. The guy goes running out to these caves with the weirdo, finds the brother, then heals him up. While he's doing that, he says everyone around there were doing crazy things like moving stuff and jumping real high. Go figure. Interested in knowing where?
PC: Sure, I have nothing better to do.
a commoner: It's your time, not mine. Okay, this is where he said the place was. I'll warn you that if you find nothing there, it's your own fault for believing this guy. Good luck.