Professions: Trader (Domestic Goods)
Effect: Increases your chance of a successful assembly when crafting food gained in the Chef profession.

Note: Clothing attachments or other bonuses to Food Assembly have very little (if any) use. The assembly success only determines the starting experimental percentages. At Domestic Mastery V, a player has +100 Food Assembly from skill boxes, and this (possibly combined with food's low complexity) means that a Master chef with no other bonuses gets a "great success" the majority of the time. An "amazing success" grants no benefit above a great success. The experimental percentages and stats are identical between the two success types, and an amazing success does not increase the maximum percentage of the categories.

Since as of the March 1, 2005 patch, critical failures do not consume resources or components, these failures are only minor annoyances.

This lack of gain with amazing success on assembly has been bugged, and may be fixed in the future.

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