The Feeorin were a bipedal species of sapients that spread across the Outer Rim after the demise of their homeworld, thousands of years before the Invasion of Naboo, and established a major colony on Odryn. Feeorin were quick to anger and highly impersonal. They typically placed their own affairs above others, causing other species to regard them as selfish.


Nym a male Feeorin

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Feeorins were a warm-blooded reptilian species. The average Feeorin had thick tendrils hanging from the backs of their heads (similar to those of the amphibious Nautolans) and much smaller and thinner ones hanging from their face. They also had mottled skin ranging from yellow to green and blue, with a few individuals even having jet-black or white skin pigmentation. The Feeorin could live for up to four hundred years, and due to a unique metabolism, they grew stronger with age rather than weaker. Curiously, some Feeorins had noses while others lacked any nasal openings.

Feeorin in the galaxyEdit

he most famous members of the Feeorin species were the pirate captain Nym, who battled the Trade Federation in the Karthakk system prior to the Clone Wars; Feln, leader of the Feeorin during the Mandalorian Wars and a member of the Jedi Covenant; and the pirate Rav, who lived circa 130 ABY.

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