Farious Gletch is found in a small house on the outskirts of Bestine.
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He's giving out a few assassination missions.


Reward: 2000 credits
A Rodian thief (CL4) by the name of Greenfingers is trying to skip town without paying his debts to Farious, who wants you to catch up with the thief before he skips town. Find him 400m from Farious' location and take him down.

Gordul KogaEdit

Reward: 3000 credits
Now an Aqualish named Gordul Koga (CL4) and former enforcer for Farious Gletch, is the target. You should find him around 1000m away from your location, escorted by a couple thugs of the same CL.


Reward: 4000 credits
The next mission takes you to confront Ripper, a swooper working for Jabba, and lurking at Farious' credits at times. This henchman (CL14) is 800m at of town and escorted by two CL13 Jabba's Thugs.

Professor WhisperEdit

Reward: 6000 credits
You have to eliminate a Bith, Professor Whisper, an insane assassin who mistakenly believes he was hired by Farious to kills the Imperial Prefect. Put him to rest.

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