In order to progress through the ranks, players need to accumulate GCW points. Promotions are not granted immediately upon obtaining the required points, however, as ranks are only updated once a week, on Thursdays at 2000hrs GMT/1200hrs PST. Players who achieve higher ranks will be granted access to more Imperial faction items or Rebel faction items and additional abilities.


Diminishing ReturnsEdit

The formula for calculating how far a player will progress from one rank to the next when the ranks update on Thursdays is not a simple one due to Diminishing Returns. The more GCW points that a player gains, the less impact subsequent GCW points will have on the rank's progress. If 500 GCW points would gain 5% of the current rank, then the next 500 GCW point may only contribute 1%, meaning that the total of 1000 GCW would only be worth 6%.

This system was put into place to prevent players from bypassing too many ranks in one week, and also to promote a healthy attitude towards "farming" GCW. There is no purpose to gaining 100,000 GCW points per week, because the latter 50,000 of those points will barely contribute to the rank progression. Scoring approximately 20,000 GCW points per week (on top of any points needed to counteract Decay) could be considered as an "optimum" value, and will allow players to go up a rank once every two weeks.


In order to ensure that GCW Officers (those of rank Lieutenant and above) are actively participating in the Galactic Civil War each and every week, their rank will decrease weekly due to decay. In order to maintain their current rank, the Officers must earn a certain number of GCW points per week. Points gained after they have reached this number will count towards their next promotion. This makes Officer ranks harder to earn and harder to maintain than the Enlisted ranks.

The amount of decay differs according to a player's rank, but can never be more than 40% of their current rank progress. The values for each officer rank were set in Game Update 10 and are as follows:

  • Lieutenant approximately 6000
  • Captain approximately 6500
  • Major approximately 7200
  • Lieutenant colonel/commander 8200
  • Colonel approximately 9600
  • General approximately 12000

Enlisted RanksEdit

Imperial Rebel
1 Private Private
2 Lance Corporal Trooper
3 Corporal High Trooper
4 Sergeant Sergeant
5 Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant
6 Sergeant Major Sergeant Major

Officer RanksEdit

Imperial Rebel
7 Lieutenant Lieutenant
8 Captain Captain
9 Major Major
10 Lt. Colonel Commander
11 Colonel Colonel
12 General General

Earning GCW PointsEdit

Earning GCW points is a lot more difficult than collecting Faction Points was, however, there are similarities between the two.

  • Players still earn points via PvE & PvP on the ground and in space.

Ground CombatEdit

Players can earn GCW Points by both PvE and/or PvP.

Factional NPCsEdit

Players can kill Rebel or Imperial NPCs for GCW points.

To get credit for the "kills", the NPC's CL must be within 86% of your character's CL or above. However, you only need to get a single hit in to get the points.

Player Character's CL Non-Player Character's CL
90 77+
85 73+
80 68+
75 64+
70 60+
65 55+
60 51+
55 47+
50 43+
45 38+
40 34+
35 30+
30 25+
25 21+
20 17+
15 13+
10 9+
05 4+

Factional PCsEdit

Players can earn points for fighting against other players of the opposite GCW faction. The restrictions are that the CL of the PC killed is within 70% or higher of the CL of the PC. The total amount of points earned is also determined by how much damage the PC did to the other PC, and the rank of the PCs.

Here is a breakdown of what CLs will earn the player points.

Attacking PC's CL Target PC's CL
90 63+
85 60+
80 56+
75 53+
70 49+
65 46+
60 42+
55 39+
50 35+
45 32+
40 28+
35 25+
30 21+
25 18+

PvP BasesEdit

There are several areas in the game that are designated PvP zones, meaning that you must be Special Forces in order to enter. These areas are Restuss on Rori, Corellia's Tactical Training Facility, Naboo's Weapons Development Facility, and the Talus Weapons Depot. Each zone has its own associated missions and objectives, but these can easily be hampered by the other faction's Special Forces players.

Faction BasesEdit

Players have the ability to build their own factional bases. Bases placed by other players can be destroyed by the opposing faction for GCW Points. The amount of points earned from destroying the bases varies on the type of base deployed.

To be able to destroy the base, there needs to be at least 5 different professions working together: Bounty Hunter, Commando, Medic, Officer, & Smuggler. For instructions on how to destroy a base, see the Faction Base destruction article.

Space CombatEdit

Factional NPC PilotsEdit

When in space, players can get points by destroying Imperial or Rebel NPC ships. The total amount of possible points is modified by the difference between what Tier the PC is and what Tier the NPC is. A 10% bonus is applied for destroying factional ships in Deep Space or Kessel. The Imperial Star Destroyer, the rebel Freedom Station and a Corellian Corvette grant 30 GCW points.

Tier of NPC Tier 1 PC Tier 2 PC Tier 3 PC Tier 4 PC Tier 5 PC
Tier 1 4 points 4 points 0 points 0 points 0 points
Tier 2 6 points 8 points 6 points 0 points 0 points
Tier 3 6 points 10 points 12 points 8 points 0 points
Tier 4 6 points 10 points 14 points 16 points 10 points
Tier 5 6 points 10 points 14 points 18 points 20 points

Credit: Thank you to Red-Dwarf for compiling the GCW points in space information.

Thank you to Kurt "Thunderheart" Stangl for the Friday Feature, Galactic Civil War Rank and Rewards.

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