Etyyy- The Hunting Grounds

Etyyy- Hunting Grounds

The Rodian hunting grounds, or Etyyy, in Shyriiwook, is a safari-like area to the southeast of the Kachirho Starport. The rodians in this area gained permission from the wookiees of Kashyyyk to be able to hunt the native creatures in this area. To gain entrance to this area, you must complete a few simple quests, Hunting Grounds Access.

Points of InterestEdit


Quest NPCSEdit

/way 276 494 Soordan Xris;
/way -29 -201 Towezz Vol;
/way 180 460 Ehartt Brihnt;
/way 120 450 Manfred Carter;
/way 170 600 Tripp Rar;
/way 419 520 Ziven;
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