Erran sif and company 2
From the Bothan Spynet:

"Alert, interesting information leaked from Empire. Subject Erran Sif, known Rebel. This individual was in fact a spy for the Empire sent to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance. Imperial agents gave us her identity after learning that she sold Rebel AND Imperial information to the Hutts. Her identity exposed, she has fled from Corellia to Talus. Our spies indicate she is in the vicinity of 2150 - 5625. Beware, she's hooked up with a mercenary crew that includes a number of scary Trandoshans and along with Erran's two brothers: Hirsch and Doak, two very powerful soldiers."

Location: Talus: (2147 -5617)

Type: Static Spawn

  • Sif Mercenary - (CL45-55)
  • Random name generated Sif - (CL41-50)
  • Doak Sif - (CL49)
  • Hirsch Sif - (CL58)
  • Erran Sif - (CL67-70)

Note: The Malevolent Lance which is part of the Rare Melee Weapons Mark II collection is found here at the bottom of the bunker.

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