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Equipment refers to any item that can be equipped in an equipment slot, as distinguished from items that can only be carried in inventory.

Equipment types[]

Equipment modifiers[]

Equipment found as loot has a chance to also have attribute modifiers. The number and type of modifiers is indicated by the item name suffix. The maximum number of modifiers an item can have is four. For example, "Metal Necklace of the Veteran" will have a primary attribute of precision and two other attributes, such as agility and stamina for a total of three attributes.

Equipment prefixes and suffixes
Primary attribute +10 One attribute Two attributes Three attributes Four attributes
Agility Adroit of Quickness of the Rill of the Varactyl of the Acklay
Constitution Robust of Health of the Bantha of the Torton of the Hutts
Luck of Opportunity of Luck of the Gambler of the Daredevil of Destiny
Precision Sharp of Marksmanship of the Mercenary of the Veteran of Bounty Hunters
Stamina Vital of Stamina of the Squill of the Tusken of the Assassin
Strength of Force of Brawling of the Janta of the Rancor of the Jedi
Camouflage of the Dire Cat of the Gurrcat of the Bocatt of the Sand Panther


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