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Skill tree
Master Entertainer
Image Design IVMusicianship IVDancing IV Entertainer Item Use IV
Image Design IIIMusicianship IIIDancing III Entertainer Item Use III
Image Design IIMusicianship IIDancing II Entertainer Item Use II
Image Design IMusicianship IDancing I Entertainer Item Use I
Novice Entertainer

Profession Overview Edit

Entertainer professions

Entertainer is one of the Basic Professions that branches off into a handful of unique elite professions. Those who wish to interact with a large portion of the playerbase and have a penchant for performing should consider starting as an Entertainer.

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

XP Requirements to Master:

  • 31,000 Image Design XP (granted by performing Image Designs)
  • 66,000 Musicianship XP (granted by playing music w/flourishes)
  • 66,000 Dancing XP (granted by dancing w/flourishes)
  • 41,000 Entertainer XP (having players watch/listen to you)

Base Skills Overview Edit

Entertainers inspire their audience members. When players listen to or watch an Entertainer, they will automatically receive an inspiration buff at the end of the performance. This will grant them a 10% bonus to combat experience, faction points, and crafting success. All Entertainers have this ability, but can apply it more quickly with more skill.

The basic Entertainer profession compromises different skill sets, three leading to an elite profession, with one as support.

Image DesignEdit

An Image Design is a character-modification ability that provides avatar modifications (including hair, skin, eyes, etc). If a character chooses to advance to full-fledged Image Designer they will have a wealth of abilities open to them in avatar modification.


Entertainers with Dancing skills learn fluid dancing abilities and are able to mesmorize their audience with their movements. Characters who advance to a full Dancer profession will find a whole world of dance and other visual delights.


Where Dancers captivate your eyes, the Musicians will be a treat for your ears. Entertainers with Musician skills will be able to construct and play basic instruments and learn new songs. Taking it a step further to Musician will enable the character to play large exciting instrument such as the Nargalon.

Entertainer Item UseEdit

This skill works with both Dancing and Music in that it enhances the Entertainer's ability to inspire their audience using more advanced instruments or fancier props. Advancing as far as possible in these skills is almost a requirement for those who wish to help as well as entertain.

Related Skill ModsEdit


Name Command Description Granted At
Band Flourish/bandflourishWhen a member of a band uses /bandflourish 1 through /bandflourish 8, the entire band does that flourish. Only the person who activates the bandflourish gets experience, however. You can choose to ignore or use bandflourishes with "/bandflourish off" or "/bandflourish on". Novice Entertainer
Cover Charge/covercharge <amount>Audience members who "watch" or "listen" to the performer will get a pop up box asking if they wish to pay the cover charge.Once the performance is complete, the performer will receive the cover charge funds when the audience member stops listening/watching.Novice Entertainer
Deny Service/denyservicePrevents the current target of the entertainer from receiving any buffs during the current performance. Use /denyservice again on the target during the performance to revserse it. Once you stop dancing or playing music all your /denyservice settings are reset.Novice Entertainer
Start Dancing
Change Dance
Stop Dancing
Controls when your character starts or stops dancing. The /changeadnce allows you change the dance without stopping Novice Entertainer
Start Music
Change Music
Stop Music
Controls when your character starts and stops playing music. The /changemusic allows you to quickly change the tune being played without first having to stop.Novice Entertainer
Change Band Music/changebandmusicCan be used to change the tune currently being played in a group of musicians - those who do not have the skill to play the new tune stop playing.Novice Entertainer
Start Band/startbandAll musicians (and entertainer droids) in the current group commence playing the selected tune at the same time (if they know it).Novice Entertainer
Flourishes/flourish1 -
Executes a 'move' during entertaining, increases XP gained.Novice Entertainer

Songs & DancesEdit




Instrument SchematicsEdit

Prop SchematicsEdit

Macro's Edit

A great way to move up in the ranks is to use a macro. The macro’s listed below are a great starter for anyone and you can change them to use any dance or song you want by changing what dance or song they list in the macro.

There are two great parts to the macros:

  • /join will makes sure you always accept group invite so even if you’re AFK (away from keyboard) you will still join a group so you gain as much experience as you can.
  • /dump this command will cancel any paused commands so when you want to stop you can and don’t have to wait for the macro to stop!

Dance MacroEdit

/join; /pause 1;
/startdance basic;
/flourish 1; /pause 15;
/flourish 2; /pause 15;
/flourish 3; /pause 15;
/flourish 4; /pause 15;
/flourish 5; /pause 15;
/flourish 6; /pause 15;
/flourish 7; /pause 15;
/flourish 8; /pause 15;

This will loop over and over until you use the stop dance macro!


Music MacroEdit

/join; /pause 1;
/startmusic  rock;
/flourish 1; /pause 15;
/flourish 2; /pause 15;
/flourish 3; /pause 15;
/flourish 4; /pause 15;
/flourish 5; /pause 15;
/flourish 6; /pause 15;
/flourish 7; /pause 15;
/flourish 8; /pause 15;

Again this will loop over and over until you use the stop music macro!


Why Macro?Edit

A macro can keep you free in interact with the other dancers and players that come in watch you. It also let you walk away for a bit with out losing XP. The only thing to remember with macros is try to use them to enhance your game play not cheat or annoy others in the game.

Community Information Edit

Entertainer Correspondent: Red-Dwarf
Former Correspondents:

  • Tralmek
  • LeBob
  • Tiaga

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