Some resources in SWG can be used as a power source for harvesters and factories.

The Potential Energy (PE) property of the resouce determines how effective it is as a power source:

  • resources with a PE between 0 and 500 provide power at the nominal rate where one unit of the resource provides one unit of power.
  • resources with a PE above 500 provide PE/500 more power per unit.

This means that 3000 units of a PE 100 resource, 3000 units of a PE 500 resource, and 2000 units of a PE 750 resource all provide the same amount of power. So the rate on a PE 628 will have ~1.25(1&1/4)/unit, so 4 units is~5 power. The formula looks like... PE (over 500) / 500 = Energy; or on PE's < 500, it's PEx1 = Energy.

Types of Energy[edit | edit source]

Wind Energy[edit | edit source]

Wind energy is surveyed using a Wind Current Surveying Tool and harvested with a Wind Power Generator. Wind resources tend to have lower concentrations and low PE.

Solar Energy[edit | edit source]

Solar energy is surveyed using a Ambient Solar Energy Surveying Tool and harvested with a Solar Power Generator. Solar resources tend to have moderate concentrations and sometimes have PE over 500.

Radioactive[edit | edit source]

Radioactive resources are surveyed using the Mineral Survey Device mineral survey tool and can be harvested with either one of the mining installations or a Fusion Power Generator (the power generator is much more cost effective). Radioactive ores can be hand-sampled as well, but cause health damage when harvested due to "radiation poisoning". Radioactive resources tend to have higher concentrations and often have PE over 500.

For extensive information on the many types of energy currently available on each server, check out

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