Endor from space

Endor system

Endor System is a space sector that the Galactic Empire has restricted to Imperial traffic, approved civilian material suppliers and approved civilian scientists. All other traffic is prohibited from the area. Imperials may also travel to Deep Space and Kessel System from the Imperial Claw Station. Hostile targets in this area are Tier 4.

Space stations
Station Allegiance Missions
Endor Space Station Neutral Tier 3.5+ Imperial Pilots, RSF Squadron
Imperial Claw Station Galactic Empire None, but may access Deep Space and Kessel System
Empire's Station I and II Galactic Empire None, but may declare for PvP combat

Hyperspace routes
Quadrant Destination Inhabitants Hostiles Notes
Quadrant I Red Sin Chimaera Black Sun 3-5
Quadrant II Area D-435 Rebels, Trader's Bodyguards 5-10 Closest to Endor Space Station
Quadrant III Empire's Justice E-70 Engineer (Jillion Bolts Co.), Contraband Inc. Transports, Imperials 15+
Quadrant IV Durillium Sea Hutts, Imperials 5+ Closest to Imperial Claw Station

Points of Interest
POI Inhabitants Hostiles
Declorian Territory Blacklight Pirates, Rebels, Zynt'aia Spice Guardians 5-10+
Linear Miasma Imperials, Scientist Bodyguards, Scientist Researchers 10-15+
Onyx Beacon Blacklight Pirates 5-10

Asteroid survey
Asteroid Count
Icy asteroid 3


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